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Pangu Shengong

Pangu Shengong is a simple, highly effective and easy-to-learn method of Qigong (Energy Cultivation) that improves health, well-being and vitality.

Regular practice offers a sense of calm, optimism and feelings of contentment. Thousands of people have used this method to recover from some of the most serious health conditions, and continue to have lives filled with good health and vitality.

Groundbreaking in terms of Qigong practice, this 15-20 minute routine provides more benefits than Qigongs requiring more time and greater effort. There are no restrictions. Anyone of any age or ability may participate.

Who is Ou Wen Wei?

Master Ou is a world renowned Grandmaster of Qigong, an author, poet, musician and calligrapher. As the founder of Pangu Shengong, he has maintained excellent health and vitality for over 40 years, without any need for physicians or medication.

Through mastery of Pangu Shengong’s rich philosophy of kindness and love, he has not lost his temper in over 30 years! Throughout this time he has taught and helped thousands of people to cure their illnesses, increase their happiness and vitality and to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

His books, songs and calligraphies are all infused with powerful healing energy, profound wisdom and artistic beauty.

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"My desire to become a PGSG instructor manifests from the heart, to sincerely offer a way to those who wish to improve their health of mind, body and spirit...There is nothing more noble or more necessary for this world than to help relieve suffering and bring spiritual dignity to so many lives."
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George Iber Ph.D.
Education Professor
"By the end of the first month, every symptom I was aware of was gone. When My Medical Doctor looked at these results he said: “This is a miracle Susan, there is no way there is any virus alive in your body by looking at this! What have you been doing?” I was happy to tell him about Pangu Shengong!"
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Susan Deflavis Winters
Energy Healer
"I like that Pangu Shengong promotes kindness, advocates assisting others, and that it is so profoundly supportive. I have a sense of well being and contentment in my life that I never had before. I am forever grateful to Master Ou for this simple yet powerful qigong."
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Jason Davis
Data Analyst
"In addition to the arthritis I was suffering from I also developed two cervical tumors. The doctor was surprised to find no evidence of the tumors and wanted to know what I had done to get rid of them. I told her that I had just practiced Pangu Shengong."
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Winnie Tsang
Certified Nursing Assistant
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