Pangu Shengong is a complete healing system. It consists of a Moving Form, a Nonmoving (meditation) Form and an Advanced-Condensed Form. Pangu Shengong also comprises of a healing skills course and a teacher training program for those who want to help others with this powerful modality.

The physical techniques of Pangu Shengong are simple and easy to learn, but the content is rich and the philosophy is profound. With deeper understanding of its content and philosophy, it will always help practitioners achieve greater results with the same simple practice. For this reason, Master Ou also provides various regular classes to help his students deepen their understanding, e.g. Intuition Development, Special Subjects and Retreat Program.

The Moving Form course, Non-Moving Form course, and Healing Skills course are all eligible for NCCAOM PDA credits for licensed acupuncturists. Credits may be earned for these courses at any location in the USA. One credit per course hour may be earned. For questions regarding the PDA units, please contact Abby Greiner at or 508-341-3481.

What benefit could you expect from taking Master Ou’s live lectures multiple times?

First, it will help you to improve your understanding of the practice. Second, when Master Ou teaches, he issues strong healing energy to his audience. In other words, you will be absorbing healing qi for more than one hour!

An instructor in Boston, who attends classes taught by Master Ou every time he visits, said she feels refreshed every time she listens to his talks because he adds new information and perspectives. Another instructor, in Florida, says that no two lectures are ever the same, there is always something new to hear, see, and feel, and afterwards life always is enriched.

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