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Last updated: August 13,  2014

  • THE PATH OF LIFE volumes I & II in English are available now! Buy volumes I & II, get volume III for free!
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  • Master Ou's schedule and Pangu Shengong events from September to October 2014:
    • East Hampton, New York: Sept. 20-21. Click here for detail.
    • Montreal, QC, Canada: Sept. 25 - 28. Click here for detail.
    • Boston, MA: Oct. 1 - 6. Click here for detail.
    • San Francisco: call 415-928-1389 or email for making appointments.
    • Long distance healing sessions are available at any possible time slot that fits in Master Ou's schedule. Please call 415-928-1389 or email us at to schedule it ahead of time.
  • Pangu Shengong Grants My Entire Family the Path to Good Health -- by Xiuying Deng
    "When I first read this testimonial in Chinese I was deeply touched.  As I wiped the tears from my eyes I wanted to translate it into English so more Pangu Shengong students could experience the remarkable healing journey of Xiuying Deng.  I was very grateful to read about Xiuying Dengís recovery and moved by the sincerity and love exhibited by her son and other Pangu Shengong practioners.  I have been fortunate enough to witness the tender love that Master Ou exhibits when he is helping people that are vulnerable and sick.  This testimonial has reminded me about just how precious Pangu Shengong is and how lucky I am to have encountered it. Please click here to read Xiuying's touching testimonial. May you get the same great benefits she got from doing Pangu Shengong practice." -- by Jessica Lin, the translator.
  • PGSG Celebrations in Macau on Jan. 27 & 28, 2014 -- by Jason Davis
    "I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Macau to attend Master Ouís birthday concert on January 28, 2014.  It turned out to be an amazing week...The day before Master Ouís birthday there was an exhibit of photos outlining Master Ouís life of spreading Pangu culture.  The photos started in 1983 and went to the present ...The next day there was a concert to celebrate Master Ouís birthday.  There were around 1000 students from all over...I felt extremely privileged to have attended this deeply heartfelt and profound event." Click here to read the article.
  • Master Ou's Presentation at the Institute for Functional Medicine, 2013 Annual International Conference.
    After we reported the news about Master Ou presented the IFM 2013 Annual International Conference providing conference participants with new ideas and visions on how to improve patients' health conditions, many people expressed great interest in wanting to know about the content of the presentation. We are very happy to share his presentation with you in this newsletter, as our sincere gift to you for the New Year of 2014. Please click here to read the article.
    A Great Succeed--Pangu Shengong Retreat - Advanced Training Program: Oct. 3 - 6 in Rhode Island
    This event was a great succeed. In depth lectures by Master Ou on the book The Path of Life deepened attendee's the understanding of love and kindness, and the relationship between the soul the body. These are the keys to achieve results in improving health, quality of life and a bright future.
    Every participant of the event loves the event. Please click here to read about Jason Davis' impression.
  • Master Ou was invited by Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) to introduce Pangu Shengong healing principles and its clinical practice at IFMís 2013 annual international conference, providing new ideas and visions on how to improve patientsí health condition to the 1200 western medicine practitioners who came from 30 different countries. Click here for more.
  • Treating your body with love, losing the belly with happiness. -- by George Iber
    Within one and a half month, Iber lost 10 lbs and flattened his belly by using a "secret" technique taught by Master Ou. Amazing! Want to know more? Click here!
  • Can we talk with animals? -- by George Iber
    Inspired by
    Master Ou's accounts of talking with different animals and by reading Dr. Slobodchikoff's book about animal communication, George Iber shares his insights on this subject: "...Sometimes, I confess, it takes me awhile to appreciate Master Ouís stories, and this was no exception.  Next I heard him tell a story about a dancing parrot at the Naples zoo, then swans and a turtle on a nearby lake, and finally a gaggle of turkeys was taught to avoid the garden around his house.  OK, once may be luck, but multiple times, now it deserves a second look..." Click here to read the whole article.
  • Best holiday gifts for your loved ones
    • Gift Certificate for 1:1 long distance healing from Master Ou. Please click here to purchase a healing session from Master Ou as a gift to your significant others.
    • Qi-enchanted Calligraphy Scarf by Master Ou. Click here for more information and purchase.
    • Healing Songs CDs and Healing Chants CDs. Click here for more information and purchase.
    Click here to order the gifts. 
  • Report Series Healing Chants/Songs Concert and Calligraphy Exhibition in Macau on October 2 & 3, 2012
  • 3+ Hour Club column -- a feature interview with Winnie Tsang
  • George Iber's Contemplation on the Pangu password
  • Pangu Tai Chi and Pangu Yoga
  • Qi-infused Teas by Master Ou
  • The PGSG 3+ Hour ClubóAre you interested in joining?
  • Another healing miracle that Master Ou's songs bring to a prematurely-born boy in China
    Xaio Eng was born prematurely resulting in a low birth weight of only  3 lb 16 oz, cerebral palsy,  intellectual disabilities, and ADHD.  He began listening to Master Ou's chants in November of 2009.  He initially was able to listen to the CD only 1-2 times each day.  During these initial sessions, it was observed that his behavior became less impulsive and he was less prone to irritability.  Over time he was able to have extended sessions without becoming restless.  He felt more at ease and would often fall asleep.  The sessions were then extended to 3-4 hours at an appointed time each afternoon at a low to medium volume, resulting in richer expressions of happiness, a calmer disposition and evidence of improved cognitive function.  Overall, his family reported an improvement in his general health; he was able to do more for himself, slept better and seemed much calmer and happier.
  • A Healing Miracle that Master Ou's songs bring to a six-year-old girl in China
    Fang, six years old, had suffered from insomnia and nightmares for 4 years, and now has totally recovered from it after doing music therapy with Master Ou's healing songs. Click here to read more.
  • Ten new instructors share their testimonials. Please click their name to read their testimonials respectively: Thomas Seis, Alan McNamara, Ananda Devi, Andrew Ali Hamm, Deeta Adkins, Kassy Wenner, Nancy Worthington, Pauline Kehoe, Ken Peterson, and Lisle Jackson.

  • George Iber's Testimonial in 2012
    "Every year we all can write a testimony of progress and gratitude to our spiritual source.  For me, Pangu Shengong has proven to be a subtle yet very powerful gong of spiritual development.  There is no aspect of life experience that is not being transformed..." Click here to read more.

  • Pangu students had a triple blessing descending upon them in MacauĖĖthe Foundation Ceremony of the Pangu Kindness and Friendship Association of Macau, the Ou Wen Wei Ngahyin Healing Chanting and Music Concert, and Master Ouís birthday party, on Jan 21st 2012 (Dec 28th in the Chinese lunar calendar).  700 Pangu students attended. Click here to read the detail report with photos.
  • Rachael, a long time PGSG practitioner, shares with you her small yet profound stories about her daily PGSG practice. She said, "I share my PGSG experiences in the hope that they would instill a greater confidence in new PGSG students and anyone who is interested in PGSG." Click here to read more.

  • Interview with Dr. Kim Peterson, a chiropractor, has been practicing Pangu Shengong since 2001. In this interview, she shares with us how her diligent practice keeps her children and herself in the state of excellent health and bliss. She said, "The more Pangu Shengong I do the more good things happen in my life..."


    Click here for more video interviews

  • "I like that Pangu Shengong promotes kindness, advocates assisting others, and that it is so profoundly supportive.  I have a sense of well being and contentment in my life that I never had before.  I have found that many bad habits I had in the past have simply fallen away.  Pangu Shengong seems to be working at a deep level on improving my heart and soul..." -- by Jason Davis from Canada. Click here to read the full testimonial.

  • "Master Yourself, Utilize Pan Gu Shengong, and Achieve Good Health" is a lecture that you should not miss, no matter if you have learned Pan Gu Shengong or not, no matter if you are a junior or senior PGSG student or even a PGSG instructor. Read it ...

  • Group practices
    • Monthly world wide moving-form practice: The monthly world wide PanGu Shengong moving-form group practice is open to all PGSG exercisers on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 1:30pm Pacific Standard time. The one in October of 2012 will be at 1:30pm on 20th the Pacific Daylight Saving Time. Please join us and enjoy this special event.
    • Akron, Ohio: Monthly Pangu Shengong practice group on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Please contact Carol Kushkin at 330-869-9711 for more information.
    • Amesbury, MA: Monthly Group practice on the 1st Monday at 6:30 pm. Please contact Dr. Stephanie Q. Hancox at 978-388-5875 for more information.
    • Boston, MA: monthly group practice on the first Sundays of each month. Email for detail.
    • Gainesville, FL: Several Groups practice are available weekly in Gainesville. Please email John Paul Gallgher at for more information.
    • Groton, CT: Monthly group practice at 6:30 pm on the first Thursday of the month at Inner Wisdom Chiropractic, 76 Fort Hill Rd. Call Dr. Peterson at 860-440-6754 for more information.
    • New York City: Monthly Pangu Shengong Group on the last Sundays starts at 10:45 am of each month. Please call Lorna Lai at 917-362-6662 for more information.
    • Raleigh, NC: Weekly Pangu Shengong Group. Please contact Paul Fraser and Anisha Desai at (919) 389-1420 for more information.
    • San Francisco: Weekly Pangu Shengong moving-form group practice. Please call Olivia at 415-713-3096 for more information.
    • Stuart, Florida: Weekly Pangu Shengong Group. Please contact Connie Schapiro at for more information.
    • Vancouver, WA: Monthly Pangu Shengong Group. Please contact John Kojis at 360-254-8866 for more information.
    • Online forum: is the best place for you to discuss your Pangu Shengong practice with all other practitioners from different places. Please feel free to join us at:  
    • Join us on Facebook
Pan Gu Shengong

Pan Gu Shengong is a simple and efficient Qigong exercise to
     * Balance, Harmony, Peace of Mind
     * Empowers the Immune System
     * Rejuvenates Well Being, Happiness & Inexhaustible Vitality

Pan Gu Shengong greatly improves the symptoms and underlying conditions of many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, apoplexy, lupus erythematosus, different types of cancer and many chronic illnesses. It is amazingly effective in reducing drug dependence, and has been used successfully to assist people in drug rehabilitation programs. more...

Ou, Wen Wei is
    -- the originator of PGSG
    -- a grand Qigong Master
    -- an author
    -- a poet
    -- a calligrapher
    -- a musician

Master Ou and his PGSG have successfully helped thousands of patients with many different ailments to improve their health - on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.



"Song of Pangu Shengong"

Music: Ou, Wen Wei
Lyrics: Ou, Wen Wei
Vocal: Ou, Wen Wei

Click here for the music video of the song.

Visit Ou's music website

You will get healing energy by listening to his songs.
Please sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

Watch Ou's Music Videos on YouTube  


The CD albums are available for sale now!
 Order them online now!


Books by Ou, Wen Wei


Is it possible to read a book, improve your health, contribute to your happiness and move towards higher spiritual evolution, all at the same time?

As strange as it may seem, yes, it is!
For more than 100,000 readers of The Path of Life, this too-good-to-be-true phenomenon has become a reality. Thousands of people, after reading The Path of Life have experienced incredible healing in their bodies, minds and spirits.

The Path of Life includes 3 volumes:

  • Volume I -- In Search of the Cosmos: Unique Mysterious Encounters. (Price: $26)
  • Volume II -- The Holy Decision: The Three Stages of the Chaos. (Price: $26)
  • Volume III -- The Future Human World (Price: $20)

The English version of the whole set is available now! Buy the first two volumes get the third volume for free.


Pan Gu Mystical Qigong describes the philosophy of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong (Pan Gu Shengong) and demonstrates part of the Qigong exercise. The Revised Edition is available now!




"When I have brought Pangu Shengong into my life, it has changed for the better for myself and all those around me. I have a lot of work to do in keeping the precepts of Pangu Shengong in practice on a daily basis. I enjoy doing the practice and how I feel after the practice until my next practice. It is now part of my daily life and honestly do not remember not practicing.

To have Pangu Shengong in my life has opened up a world and universe I now feel closer to and appreciate more. I feel the energy of the Sun and Moon and have more respect for everything and everyone I come in contact with and it is due to the Pangu Shengong. It continually leads me on a positive path in my life and I wish to continue the practice and hopeful to be a teacher of Pangu Shengong someday.

I deeply feel this Pangu Shengong is a healing tool for everyone who wants to learn...Focusing on kindness and benevolence, frankness and friendliness has given me a chance to change in a positive way my feelings, and interactions with whomever I come in contact with during my day...

I believe everyone is able to benefit if they want to learn this amazing Pangu Shengong and practice it as well and take into their hearts all the wonderful aspects that Pangu Shengong offers. This gives everyone, once they learn, the ability to have good health as part of their lives..." Click her to read more.

--- Lorraine Lott, in Bonita Springs, Florida

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