Heaven, Earth and Humanity in Harmony

    --- A discussion on the relationships between human and nature

by Ou, Wenwei

The heaven rests with invisible but active spirits; the earth rests with its thick solidness. Once the heaven and the earth were combined together, and there is spirit and its carriers, man is created and materials are made.

Manís spirit is like the heaven and manís physical body is like the earth. The spirit is the thinking and the body is the material. When the harmony between the spirit and flesh is achieved, a perfect man is made. Man cannot live without materials, nor without spirit. Man is in his perfect condition only when his QI and YI (mind) are highly spirited and vigorous.

QI is material while YI is spirit. QI is both material and spirit, primarily material and secondarily spirit; while YI is both spirit and material, primarily spirit and secondarily material. QI comes with YI, and YI (mind) generates from the heart. And only when a manís YI and QI are combined into one, can he be a genuine man.

To cultivate YI is to lay a firm foundation; to gather QI to keep the body fit. Free the mind from evil thoughts and QI will be good itself. Take in everything good, reinforce the root, and trace back to the source, eliminate diseases, to keep fit and living longer. Retribution for good or evil can surely be found in how one is tempering.

As the sun homologizes the moon so YIN achieves balance with YANG, it has opened up a path for all things on earth to live and multiply in peace. Be kind and friendly, accumulate virtues and do good deeds, and the human race is onto its bright road to the future.

The universe will never to extinct, neither will the materials there. But why man is mortal? It is because man is unable to achieve harmony with the everlasting universe and the materials there.

Harmony is in fact cooperation, and close coexistence.

Therefore, if one tempers oneself both spiritually and physically, one should be able to live forever. This is not false.


The "heaven, earth and humanity in harmony" is the philosophical thinking with the most practical significance in the brilliant traditional Chinese civilization and culture. It talks about three objects: The Heaven, the Earth and the Man. The relationships described between the heaven and the earth, between man and man, between the heaven and the man, and among the heaven, the earth and the man or between nature and man. In today's language, it is the relationship between man and environment. In the relation between man and man, it is also include the relations between man's own spirit and flesh. It pointed out that the most important standard in these relations is harmony.

Harmony means being in step and harmonious.

If the heaven, the earth and the man in all the relations explained above are able to get along in step and harmonious, everything would have been able to co-exist, has steady and healthy development.

In order for the human race to survive and develop, I think we should have a extensive, complete understanding of the teaching of "Harmony among the Heaven, the Earth and the Man", which is a brilliant philosophical thinking.

How should we understand it?

I believe that we should not only understand the natures and characteristics of things of the heaven, the earth and man, but also the relations among them, and furthermore the correct handling of the connections among them, which should be based on harmonious. To solve the problem of harmonious relations, we must solve the conflict of the harmony within man's own spirit and flesh.

For this, I have specially written this short essay above.

Note: the short essay above is originally in classic Chinese.