Books by Ou, Wen Wei

The works by Ou Wen Wei are elegant and profound. His books, articles, and poems demonstrate a wise and open-minded understanding of life.

Ou Wen Wei's writings address the topics of ethics, philosophy, history, literature, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and other social and natural sciences. In addition to unlimited reverie and enjoyment, if you can read his works with a calm and peaceful mind, you will receive unexpected healing benefits.

Currently, two of his books are available in English.

Pan Gu Mystical Qigong describes the philosophy of Pan Gu Mystical Qigong (Pan Gu Shengong) and demonstrates part of the Qigong exercise.

ISBN: 0-86568-282-8

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The Path of Life: The Future Human World 

The Path of Life is the basis of Pan Gu Shengong, which has proven to be a remarkably effective exercise with more than one hundred thousand practitioners. The book describes the origin, the development, and the future of human beings, revealing the truths of the Universe. The book contains three volumes, each united to the other, while also independent. In order to satisfy readers' anxiety for the great details of the beautiful eternal future world, the author first presents the 3rd volume, The Future Human World, to the English readers, and wishes it can arouse reader's interest and desire to explore the origin of human beings and the universe.

ISBN: 962-492-093-1

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Ou Wen Wei's books in Chinese:

  • The Path of Life — describes the origin, the development, and the future of human beings, revealing the truths of the Universe.

  • Farewell My Soul — the sequel of the Path of Life.

  • Flowers of Beauty and Kindness — a collection of essays which expound upon the essence of the Qigong philosophy, and point the way to better results from Qigong practice.

  • The tour of the Soul — the second collection of Ou Wen Wei's essays and lectures.

  • Qigong Calligraphy — a collection of Mr. Ou’s Qigong calligraphy.

  • Chanting at the Chrysanthemum Garden — a collection of Mr. Ou’s poems.

  • Pan Gu Shengong Moving Form — instruction for the moving form of Pan Gu Shengong.

  • Pan Gu Shengong Non-moving Form — instruction for the non-moving form of Pan Gu Shengong.