PGSG Condensed Form Course

Course Description:
You will learn how to do the condensed form. You will explore to a deeper level of the philosophy of PGSG and the Path of Life.

The Condensed Form is a shorter version which produces more powerful effects. Only practitioners who have reached a certain level are qualified to learn this advanced Form.

The moving form and the non-moving form of PGSG.
How to apply for:
There are 2 ways to learn the condensed form:
  • Private learning session with Master Ou, Wen Wei. Please call 415-713-3096 to make an appointment. A learning session takes about an hour.
  • Condensed Form lecture given by Master Ou, Wen Wei. Master Ou gives workshops and lectures in various locations. Please check his schedule to find out the good location and time for you.
What you will get:
By going through the whole process above, you will get the essential qi/energy of life issued by Master Ou for your further PGSG condensed form practice.