PGSG Non-moving Form Course

Course Description:
You will learn the basic principle of the non-moving form of PGSG. You will learn how to do the non-moving form. You will learn the tips about how to apply the non-moving form in your daily life to achieve some amazed benefits.

The non moving form is a more advanced form of qigong, and no any physical movement is required. Designed to strengthen the nervous system, the Spirit, increase mental capacity and cultivate intuitive abilities. The daily practice of this form to absorb universal energy can take place anywhere, setting aside concerns of privacy and how others view your activity.

Learned the moving form of PGSG and have been practicing it for a month or more.
$120, plus shipment for the correspondence course.
How to apply for:
There are 3 ways to learn the non-moving form:
  • Private learning session with Master Ou, Wen Wei. Please call 415-713-3096 to make an appointment. A learning session takes about an hour.
  • Non-moving Form lecture given by Master Ou, Wen Wei. Master Ou gives workshops and lectures in various locations. Please check his schedule to find out the good location and time for you.
  • Correspondence course issued by the main office of Pan Gu Shengong in San Francisco. Please follow the steps below to apply for the correspondence course:
    1. Click here to download the application form and fill it out. Email it back, or mail it back with the payment.
    2. Pay the course. If you pay it by credit, please call 415-713-3096 to process the payment. If you pay it by check or money order, please make it payable to Pan Gu, and mail it to 569 Geary Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102, U.S.A.
      The total cost is $125 for states in the U.S., $129 for any other locations.
What you will get:
At the end of the course, you will be issued a non-moving form membership card which has your name on it. By going through the whole process above, you will get the essential qi/energy of life issued by Master Ou for your further PGSG practice.

For the correspondence course, you will get some additional items include the instructions for the Non-moving Form of Pan Gu Shengong and a DVDís of the Non-moving Form lecture given by Master Ou Wen Wei.