Other Lectures

There are many advanced lectures that Master Ou gives to help PGSG students to further understand the philosophy of Pan Gu Shengong in order to make their PGSG practice more efficient and provide greater benefits. These lectures include the follow-up lecture for the moving form, the follow-up lecture for the non-moving form, lecture about the Path of Life, and many other topics.

The follow-up lecture for the non-moving form is a special Guided Imagery. This lecture will help practitioners have a better understanding on the non-moving form of PGSG. Master Ou will guide audience to explore the world beyond the physical world we know now. Audience may see the beauty of the future world, or the development of the universe, or even taste some delicious fruits ...  Master Ou has been having conversations with Pan Gu day and night since 1974, seeing and hearing in his mind tons of information shown by Pan Gu about the history of the universe and the destiny of human being. He would like to share those information with you, so he wrote two books "the Path of Life" and "Farewell My Soul". He would also like to share those information in the follow-up lecture by guiding you to see images and hear sounds in your mind like the way he has been experiencing. For those who have learned the first two levels (the moving form and the non-moving form) of Pan Gu Shengong, we would like to recommend you to take the follow-up lecture for the non-moving form.The exact content of each follow-up lecture is various, therefore, you may take this lecture as many time as you want to get more information. In addition, the healing energy that Master Ou send out to the audience during this lecture is very strong.

The moving form for the follow-up lecture for the moving form. The non-moving form for the Guided Imagery.
$40 -- $120. Price may be various in certain location base on the practical reasons.
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Please see the schedule.
What you will get:
Master Ou always exhorts his students: "physical practice is the basis while mental comprehension is the shortcut." His lectures are enlightening and result in your health and soul reaching a higher level in a shorter time with the same daily practice.