Pan Gu Shengong Instructor --- Ananda Devi

Ananda Devi is certified to teach the moving form of Pan Gu Shengong in January 2012. She is an Acupuncturist, physician, registered nurse.

"I very sincerely believe that pgsg is the form of qigong I have waited to learn for many years. It is a form which can be done by anyone with any limitations. I would love to be able to teach pgsg to my clients and others who are interested in building their health and well being. I love to teach and feel that I would make a good pgsg teacher. I immediately felt a strong flow of qi with the moving form the first time I was taught it. Through it took some time to incorporate it into my routine, I find myself longing to do the form many days when my time is limited with other duties and I have to wait until later to finally take the time to practice. Every time I practice the moving form I notice subtle changes in my health. Some of which are lasting and others are fleeting. I realize by practicing more I will find that my health and clarity will improve. I feel by dedicating myself to pgsg, I will be making a very strong commitment to both Master Ou, his work, all of the others who have made the commitment and to pangu. My life is all ready dedicated to caring for those who are suffering and to God in his/her myriad forms, this would be just one more way I can contribute to the upliftment of humanity. I want to become more proficient and consistent in my practice of both the moving form and the nonmoving form. I was in Brazil a few weeks ago and I feel the nonmoving form saved me many times. If I could not sleep or was discouraged related to things around me, I could do the nonmoving form many times a day and night and the problems would fall away like peeling an onion. I use the nonmoving form often in the middle of the night, while on airplanes, at work at the hospital and any place doing the moving form is not appropriate. Using the "password" during my work with my clients and patients at the hospital has been very profound. The techniques that Paul has taught us along with my humble abilities as a healer have been exponentially increased by utilizing the "password". Also I often stop and think before saying or doing anything to make certain that it fits with the principles of benevolence, kindness, frankness and friendliness. Such a profound lesson. Thank you Master Ou for bringing us this precious opportunity. I thank you for your patience and dedication. Also thank you for teaching Paul Fraser, he has been a wonderful teacher over this last year and I feel very blessed to have had the experience with both he and Anisha."

 -- by  Ananda Devi in January 2012

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