Pan Gu Shengong Instructor --- Nancy Worthington

Nancy Worthington is certified to teach the moving form of Pan Gu Shengong in January 2012. She is a Pediatrician.

"As a pediatrician, I would love to be able to share this form with my patients who are open to it as well as their families. There are times when western medicine cannot help with the balancing of complicated patients such as my children with autism, anxiety, and attention deficit. Pangu can help fill that void and sense of helplessness. I am stronger and calmer since learning Pan Gu. I am sure that Pan Gu saved the life of my husband during a 17 hour surgery to remove an aggressive pancreatic tumor and recover from several post operative complications. I thank M. Ou for sharing this wonderful gift with us. Pan Gu has opened my eyes to an alternative way of healing that speaks to my heart."

 -- by  Nancy Worthington in January 2012

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