Pan Gu Shengong Instructor --- Thomas Seis

Dr. Thomas Seis got the PGSG moving form teaching certificate in 2012. He is also a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Spiritual Healer and Body Therapist.

The reason you want to be a PGSG teacher?

"As a body therapist, spiritual and natural healer I want to help my patients to learn Pangu Shengong so they can have the great benefits I and many others have received. In the last two years I have introduced the moving form to many healthy and sick people and I could see many sick people getting their own success in getting healthy again by practicing pgsg. It is important to spread the word about Pangu all over the world and about the many positive effect is has to everybody - healthy or sick. Let us bring health and happiness to the people and the future world. " 

What's your comment about PGSG?

"Energy healing and having the right attitude is very critical when a person is dealing with illness. Illness and healing happen on a spiritual, mental, and physical level and pgsg works on each level for a quick and effective healing. Without a strong immune system and strong positive chi, we are getting weak through the negative chi and illness may overcome every person. Practicing pgsg keeps us strong and helps the sick people. I am practicing two times everyday since I learned it and I am healthy and happy that is why I am telling many people about it."

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Contact information:

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Address: Pfefferminzstrasse 29, D-82223 Eichenau, Germany

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