Pan Gu Shengong Instructors

We have more than 800 certified Pan Gu Shengong teachers all over the world. Please click the link on the left to find out if there is a PGSG teacher in your area.

Our PGSG teachers have various backgrounds: western medicine doctors, Tai Chi Masters, traditional Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists, engineers, writers, business men, and so on. Before they became PGSG practitioners, several already had strong backgrounds in medicine and Qigong, while some didn't know Qigong at all, and a few even had serious diseases. However, they all had one thing in common: they proved by their daily practice that PGSG is a wonderful Qigong worthy for them to share with other people. Those who suffered serious diseases have recovered completely; those who already studied on Qigong found out PGSG brought them to a higher level. If you are interested in why they wanted to become PGSG teachers, please click the link on the left to explore the answers.

So far, only Master Ou Wen Wei, the creator of PGSG can teach all PGSG forms. Most of other PGSG instructors are only allowed to teach the moving form of Pan Gu Shengong. By 2009, Master Ou has trained 14 moving form instructors in United States to become nonmoving form instructors who are certified to teach both the moving and the non-moving form of PGSG. They are Vincent Chu, Paul Fraser, Henry McCann, Cheryl Bacon, Robert Anderson, Lorna Lai, Elizabeth Medaglia, Rod Taylor, Don DeFlavis, Trish Duval, Fern Isral, Anisha Desai, Anne Brown, George Iber, Susy Iber, Karen Smith, Keith Coley, Robin Bonazzoli, Carol Kushkin and Kim Peterson.

Note: we didn't list all PGSG teachers on our web. We won't publish their information on web before we get the permission from them.