Master Yourself, Utilize Pan Gu Shengong, and Achieve Good Health

      Lecture Delivered by Master Ou, Wen Wei at the 6th World Qigong Congress

[December 19, 2003 in San Francisco]

            Good morning!

            Before I begin my lecture, I would like to ask you a question with which I believe everyone is very concerned: Do you want to achieve true good health and longevity?  [Audience: Yes!]

            If you really want to gain true good health and longevity, then today my introduction may provide you a very good choice, because I have in fact already marched on the path of achieving good health, and many of my students are also marching on the path of becoming truly healthy.

            What is the standard for being healthy?  Perhaps people comprehend it in different ways.  In general, people might think that they are healthy if no disease has been diagnosed in them.  When, however, after a check-up in a hospital, if you have no disease diagnosed, are you really a healthy person?  I don’t think so.  There is one point of view in modern medical science that holds that even though people have no diseases, they are not to be considered as being healthy, but rather at risk, or “sub-healthy.”  Although not yet sick, they are unaware of their true state of health; they get tired easily and their spirits are low; if affected by certain external factors, they easily do become sick.  Therefore, modern medical science considers this condition as being less than healthy. 

            From my point of view—what is the standard for being truly healthy?  I think being healthy means not merely that your body has no disease, but more important it means this: that no matter how harmful your environment—a severe lack of material necessities, a huge change in the weather, or the proximity to epidemic virus, infectious virus or bacteria—you still do not get sick.  If your health can reach this level, then you would be considered as being truly healthy. 

            The flu is now spreading in the United States; recently an eighteen-year-old university student died from it.  It was said that usually he seemed disease-free; nevertheless, his life was taken away by ordinary influenza.  Do you think he was healthy when he had no disease?  I say he should not have been considered a healthy person, because his immunity was quite weak.  The life force of young people is relatively very strong; generally they are full of vitality, frequently jumping about in all sorts of activities; however, this person’s immunity was so weak that the flu took away his life. 

            What is the most important factor in making our bodies become truly healthy?  We need to find a method that maintains our immunity in its strongest state, any time, anywhere. 

            What truly prevents disease and cures disease in our bodies is our own immunity—not medicine!  

            Many people think that when they have a disease they need to take medicine or to find some other medical treatment specifically designed to cure it; then they can recover.  Do you think this kind of thinking is right?  Is there anyone who would like to answer my question?… Actually, from seeing your facial expressions, I can tell what your answer is.  Of course, this way of thinking is not complete.  Taking medicine or undergoing some suitable medical treatment might be helpful for your body to a certain degree; however, they are not the methods that actually cure your disease.  What are their effects?  Since they can stabilize a patient’s situation, they provide an opportunity for the body’s immunity to recover and to improve.  As the immune system recovers and then returns to its normal state, it can work on the disease, ridding the body of viruses and bacteria.  In this way the body can truly recover.  Once we understand these ideas, we can understand why in our daily lives there are some diseases that cannot be cured by taking medicines. 

            Among modern diseases the immunity-related ones are the most typical, such as AIDS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.  They arise due to the decline of the immunity of the human body; accordingly, they are not curable no matter what kind of medicines are taken or how many treatments are received.  The death of an AIDS patient is usually not due to the AIDS virus itself but rather due to infection from another disease, such as pneumonia or hepatitis.  It is not difficult to cure a person who has pneumonia or hepatitis when that person’s immune system hasn’t been disrupted; he or she can possibly recover by taking some prescribed medicines.  For an AIDS patient, however, if he is infected by pneumonia or hepatitis, even by taking prescribed medicines he still cannot recover.  Why is that?  It is because his immunity cannot improve; medicines cannot restore the human body’s immunity.  The same situation applies to patients who have lupus.

            Two years ago, a thirteen-year-old Mexican girl named Maya got sick.  She often had a fever, and her skin was itchy and painful.  Her parents took her to a hospital where she was diagnosed as having lupus.  The doctor had to tell her: modern medications could not cure this disease, so she had to suffer with it throughout her entire life.  Later her parents were introduced to me, and they brought Maya to learn Pan Gu Shengong and get a healing from me.  Her father asked me whether I could heal Maya’s disease.  I said with a smile, “From my experience, I think I can cure her disease because I have cured many lupus patients in the past.”  I told them the principles of Pan Gu Shengong and I also specifically indicated: “I predict that there is still some virus in Maya’s blood.”  Her parents said that the doctor told them the same thing but that the doctor said there was no way to help Maya get rid of the virus.  I told her parents: “Maya should regularly practice Pan Gu Shengong three times a day and have a treatment from me once a week.  I predict that after a month the physical examination from the hospital will show that her virus is gone.  If that comes true, then you should have more confidence.”  After a month, her parents brought the physical-examination report to me, saying that the doctor was very surprised that the virus in Maya’s blood was gone.  The doctor, being honest, also told them: “The result didn’t happen because of medicine; it is because your daughter is very lucky!”  I said that Maya really was lucky because she knew a qigong technique that truly helps a body become healthy. 

Why did the doctor say that there was no way to get rid of the virus in the blood?  It was because he had experience with lupus and facts have proven that medicines cannot eliminate the virus in the blood.  Then why did I tell the parents a month before that it was possible to eliminate the virus?  It was because I knew that through practicing Pan Gu Shengong or by receiving qi healing from me, Maya could continuously receive the energy from the sun, the moon, and the universe, like a cell phone having its battery recharged.  A cell phone needs to be recharged in order to keep working after it has been used for a few days; it is the same for human beings.  The energy of a human body is continuously being consumed—especially a patient, who consumes more energy.  Maya, however, absorbed energy from the universe by practicing Pan Gu Shengong; this energy worked on and improved Maya’s immunity so that the virus was eliminated.  I kept telling them: now that Maya already has a very good result, she therefore should have confidence that she will recover completely in the future; but she hasn’t recovered completely yet, and I predict that she needs about three months to half a year more to recover. 

After three months, the health-examination report came out.  Once again the doctor was surprised, as all Maya’s indexes were normal—except the index of the protein in her kidneys.  Maya was very happy.  I told Maya that in about three months all indexes of her body would become normal and that at that time her doctor would consider her lupus symptoms gone.  What I told her happened exactly.  The doctors said that Maya was very lucky!  And Maya was the only exception that they had ever known!—because these doctors had never seen any of their lupus patients recover, but Maya did.

            Through this example you can understand the standard for being healthy that I proposed—the most important criterion being that one’s immunity is strong enough to eliminate all kinds of virus and bacteria.  If this is so, when you get sick, your immunity will help you get rid of toxins, so that your disease will gradually disappear; or you will have less chance to get sick.  Take the flu as an example: my students and I don’t need to pay attention to it at all because even though some viruses or bacteria enter our bodies, they will be killed or eliminated by our immunity.  Disregarding such minor ailments—even for more serious infectious diseases, if you follow my qigong technique and keep on practicing it sincerely so that your immunity reaches a higher level, then you don’t need to worry about them, either.  Let me take SARS as an example, which was spreading in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore earlier this year.  In February of this year, I made good use of Pan Gu Shengong to cure SARS patients, and I tried to use it to help people prevent SARS as well.

            I had a student in Guangzhou [the capital of Guangdong Province, in southern China] who ran a cleaning company that specifically cleaned patients’ rooms in hospitals.  There were several hospitals in Guangzhou that were chosen to receive SARS patients, and my student’s employees were in charge of cleaning these patients’ rooms.  In the beginning of the spread of SARS, since people did not know much about this disease, they lacked effective protection.  In that company there was a female worker who became infected by SARS.  When she first had a fever, my student immediately took her to a hospital to see a doctor.  The doctor diagnosed her situation as a regular fever and therefore gave her a three-day dose of an antipyretic.  Since this female worker came from the countryside, she didn’t have much education, and so with little modern medical knowledge, she thought that she could recover faster by taking more medicine.  Therefore she took the three-day dose of antipyretic at one time.  Her fever then went down very quickly; however, the next day she had a high fever and became unconscious.  She was sent to a hospital where she was diagnosed as having SARS.  Since there was a shadow covering half her lung, she had to stay in the hospital and take antibiotics.  During the next four days in the hospital her situation became worse and worse; she couldn’t eat and she needed to have artificial respiration.  The doctors considered that there was no way to save her, and therefore they sent letters to the cleaning company and the patient’s family telling them that the patient was terminally ill.  Under this circumstance, my student gave me a long-distance call and proposed two requests: one was that he suspected that some of his employees were getting SARS and hoped that I would teach him a method to help his employees ward off the disease; the other was that he hoped that I could save the dying female employee. 

            I thought about it very seriously and then I agreed to help him.

            The first solution was: I asked my student to teach all of his employees Pan Gu Shengong immediately and to ask them to practice it several times a day, because through practicing Pan Gu Shengong they could improve their immunity.  Consequently, dozens of employees achieved very good results after practicing Pan Gu Shengong, and since then none of them got SARS.  The employees reflected that before they learned Pan Gu Shengong, every time they cleaned patients’ rooms they worried a lot; after practicing it, however, they had no worries. 

            The second solution was: I asked my student to get together several excellent practitioners to visit the hospital and give healings to the female worker and teach her the method to receive my long-distance healing—since she was dying and couldn’t practice, I felt I had to give her a healing to save her life.  I requested my student to see the female patient every day in the hospital and to tell me her condition immediately via telephone.  My student followed my request and taught her the method to receive my long-distance healing and also the statement—the “password” of Pan Gu Shengong—which is the most important part of Pan Gu Shengong: “Take kindness and benevolence as basis; take frankness and friendliness to heart.” 

The patient was able to follow the instructions and to recite the password, and therefore she could receive the energy and the information.  The next day her spiritual condition was much better.  The doctors, however, checked her lung and saw that the shadow wasn’t reduced.  So they thought that the patient had just momentarily recovered before she was going to die.  My student told me the patient’s condition.  I heard it and then happily told him: “The patient has a chance to recover.  She is not just momentarily recovered; her condition shows that after her body absorbs energy, the energy works on her diseases directly.”  One day later, my student gave me a call and told me that the doctor checked the patient’s lung and found out the shadow was reduced a lot.  She could sit up and ask for food, and she even could remove the cover of the oxygen inhaler.  I told my student that the miracle was beginning to happen and that the patient could surely be saved.  After two days the patient’s lung shadow completely disappeared.  Later all kinds of examinations proved that her SARS virus had completely gone, and then she left the hospital. 

            Do you think that this example is very typical?  She was in a dying condition!  If you want to get to know more of the information, you may visit my website, which includes some testimonies written by SARS patients.  One of the testimonies was written by a senior professor from Guangzhou Chinese Medical University.  He had SARS and he knew that neither Western nor traditional Chinese medical science provided him with effective methods; therefore, he chose to practice Pan Gu Shengong.  Both his son and daughter are doctors.  They tried to persuade him to stay in the hospital; he insisted on not staying, however, as he wanted to go home to practice Pan Gu Shengong more.  After I knew that, I promised him: “Since you have made up your mind, you will be able to recover, and I will give you special long-distance healing.  As a result, he recovered within four days.  His family members also practiced with him; therefore, he didn’t spread SARS to anyone.  Through these examples many of my students understood more of the principle of Pan Gu Shengong.  Are you interested in listening to it?  [Audience: applause]

            I believe that in this world everyone hopes to gain true good health and longevity.  I also know that every patient longs even more for good health.  For more than ten years, I have been in touch with many patients, especially many dying patients who were considered untreatable cases by modern medical science.  I helped many patients recover from their diseases.  However, I cannot help all patients to recover.  Why is that?  It is because recovery also relates to everyone’s self-effort.  Today I would like to tell you the secret in detail.  I can say that no matter what kind of disease is involved, my qigong is effective.  I can successfully cure horrible diseases commonly seen—cancer and heart disease, which easily kill a person.  For all kinds of cancers (there are many kinds of cancers, affecting many areas and organs of the body, including brain cancer, nasopharyngeal darcinoma, bone cancer, skin cancer) my qigong technique has been involved in cases of complete recovery. 

            Several years ago, a doctor named Xieyun (she also has posted her testimony on our website) had thoracic vertebra cancer, which might be the most horrible cancer in the world.  The tumors bit into her vertebrae and left many holes.  However, a person’s spine is a place where nerves and blood vessels intensively interweave!  She was a doctor and her father was a well-known traditional Chinese doctor in Beijing.  Her husband worked in the Beijing officers’ hospital, and therefore she had access to the best doctors in China.  After diagnosing her, however, they all shook their heads.  They thought that surgery held no certainty of success for her.  They quickly looked up the relevant information from America and England, where there are the most modern facilities, and they found that there was no successful case of this kind of surgery in the world.  These authoritative experts thought that if they did the surgery for Xieyun they had to take away several sections of her vertebrae and at least two to three pieces of her rib bones.  During this cutting process, there was a very high chance of damaging the nerve function, and Xieyun might die on the operating table.  Even if the surgery was successful, she would become paralyzed.  However, if she didn’t have the surgery, given the speed of the tumor’s development, the rest of her life wouldn’t be more than one year.  The doctors were in a dilemma, but eventually they dared not take the risk of doing the surgery.  They had no other choice but to proceed with chemotherapy for her.  The chemotherapy, however, made her tumor grow faster.  Because of that, the doctors had to stop the chemotherapy.  At that time, Xieyun was in a horrible situation. 

            Xieyun, however, was also very lucky.  She had a cousin who studied in Guangzhou University; this cousin had learned my qigong technique, and she visited Xieyun in Beijing.  The cousin also brought my book, The Path of Life, to Xieyun.  After Xieyun got the book, she read it very diligently.  A miracle happened to her when she started to read my book.  She felt that her body was starting on a positive path, and as a result she contacted me by phone.  Later she learned Pan Gu Shengong and came to understand the ideas behind it.  She knew that she had found the method to cure herself and therefore she felt very happy, very joyful, even though she was still tortured by disease at that time.  When she felt too pained to sleep, she got up and practiced Pan Gu Shengong.  She believed that she could help herself only through practicing Pan Gu Shengong.  During the practice she felt a lot of pain, sometimes even more pain; however, she did not hesitate.  Xieyun understood the principle of my qigong technique, and she knew that feeling more pain after the practice was actually a good phenomenon, not at all something bad: because she was absorbing beneficial energy for her body through practicing Pan Gu Shengong, and because the energy she absorbed could improve her immunity and work on her diseases and her tumors as well, therefore, there was conflict between the healing energy and the diseases.  When this happened, there might be some pain, but Xieyun wasn’t afraid of it.  On the contrary, she felt happy.  During those days she used up all her time in practicing, except two to three hours for sleep and the time for meals.  With such determination and persistence, she recovered quite fast.  She felt the pain within her body gradually reducing.  After half a year, Xieyun felt that she was greatly recovered.  Also, I let her come to see me.  At that time I told her: “You may ease your mind.  I think that your body will be able to completely recover.”  After another half year, in the Chinese New Year of 1997, Xieyun visited me from Beijing and celebrated the Spring Festival in my home.  She showed me her latest physical-examination report.  She said that she had asked the doctors who diagnosed her disease to reexamine her, and they found that her tumors had completely gone.  The vertebrae with many holes grew again and became normal.  Xieyun said that the conclusion of the reexamination report from the doctors was a joke, as there was a sentence stating, “She recovered after the surgery.”  Xieyun said, “I didn’t have the surgery.  Where did ‘after the surgery’ come from?”

            Xieyun’s father told me that when they had celebrated Xieyun’s birthday that year, they all thought that they were celebrating her last birthday.  The mood of that day was full of sadness, frustration, and hopelessness.  You might wonder whether you would also feel very heavy in your heart if you had been there to attend such a person’s birthday party.  However, this young lady had a lot of love and was very optimistic.  It was in that same year that she got my book, The Path of Life, and therefore she felt there was hope for new life.  I very much hope that you can see her testimony.

            After Xieyun recovered from her diseases, she had a wish.  She wished that she would travel with me all over the world and promote Pan Gu Shengong by sharing her own experience, so that more people could achieve good health.  I made a promise to her.  In these past two years, I took her with me when I promoted Pan Gu Shengong in Southeast Asia.  She shared her experience with people whom she met.  As a result, after hearing her speak many people were greatly encouraged by her experience. 

Last year Jinhong, a female Pan Gu Shengong student in Indonesia, had breast cancer.  She was diagnosed as having the second stage of the cancer in Singapore Hospital and Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical Science Hospital.  She was told to have surgery.  The doctor in Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical Science Hospital told her that the surgery would cost her about forty to fifty thousand Chinese Yuan.  Later Jinhong told me, “Actually, I was able to afford the surgery, but I thought that there was no need to have it.  Since Xieyun, who had so serious cancer, could recover by practicing Pan Gu Shengong, my cancer could certainly heal through practicing this qigong.”  Jinhong neither did the surgery nor received chemotherapy.  She kept on practicing Pan Gu Shengong every day.  She followed exactly my guidance, and she learned to live and work with a very optimistic mind and a very kind and benevolent heart.  As a result, within merely half a year she felt good about herself, and then she returned to the hospital and did the examination again.  It showed that all her cancer cells were gone.  Therefore, she was extremely happy.  She told others that even if she had a successful surgery, her body would unavoidably be scarred.  Now, from practicing Pan Gu Shengong, she is completely recovered and there is no scar on her body.  Don’t you think she made an excellent choice?

            Consequently, I often tell people whom I meet with that I hope they can master such a method to save themselves and to help themselves become truly healthy.  I have had no diseases in the last twenty-nine years, nor have I taken any medicines during that period.  No matter what kinds of changes I encountered in the living environment, I did not need to worry; no matter how many people with infectious diseases I encountered, I did not need to worry.  Don’t you think that is very good?  There are many people, however, who worry that what they eat will have too  much fat, that what they eat will make them overweight, or that what they eat will be no good for a specific internal organ.  I can eat any kind of food and I have never worried about how it will affect my body. 

            Of course, certain foods might very well cause side effects to the internal organs of a person.  That is definitely a problem for a person whose immunity is weak.  For instance, some people might be allergic to shrimp and crab.  If you have a chance to eat with me, however, you can eat as much as you want and you won’t be allergic to them.  Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you won’t be allergic from then on—except if you practice Pan Gu Shengong.  If you really learn how to practice my qigong, you will no longer have the allergy.  Some of you might ask: Why are people not allergic to the food when eating with you?  It is because when you eat with me I would be imperceptibly sending you energy and at the same time sending energy to the food.  Consequently, the probability that the food will have negative effects on your body will be greatly reduced.  During the time you have a meal with me, your immunity improves and therefore you are not allergic to the food.  After, however, a certain amount of time, the energy I sent to you is consumed.  In the meantime if you don’t practice Pan Gu Shengong and hence are not continuously receiving energy, you surely will have the allergy again. 

            Therefore, many of my students remember my words: the effect of practicing Pan Gu Shengong and the effect of having meals are very much alike.  Why do we need to eat everyday?  It is because our flesh is made up of all kinds of material elements, and all kinds of material elements of our flesh will be consumed.  Therefore, we should replenish the material elements needed in our bodies by eating food.  This is the effect of having meals.  Why is the effect of practicing Pan Gu Shengong similar to the effect of having meals?  It is because no matter what kinds of activities a human body does, it needs to consume energy.  And a person’s energy cannot continuously be consumed. (For instance, running consumes a great deal of energy; if you keep on running and you consume an excessive amount of energy, you might feel faint within an hour.)  By practicing Pan Gu Shengong you absorb beneficial energy for your body and especially absorb the energy effective for all kinds of internal functions in your body.  Therefore, when you practice it daily, you have your energy replenished so that the functioning of your body is able to maintain its normal condition. 

            I would especially like to share a very meaningful incident with you: two years ago, I saved a dying patient in the University of California-San Francisco Hospital.  The patient had cancer and both his lungs had edema.  He could hardly breathe and needed to inhale with a man-made oxygen inhaler.  Nevertheless, the oxygen saturation in his body still couldn’t reach the normal level—only 92 percent.  After I went to the hospital and gave him a healing for approximately ten minutes, he felt much better.  His respiration became normal, so he went off the oxygen inhaler.  The nurse was very surprised and used an instrument to measure his oxygen level.  The oxygen saturation in his body unexpectedly reached 99 percent.  [A reading between 95 percent and 100 percent is normal—editor.]  The nurses, therefore, asked me, very surprised: “You haven’t given him anything to eat but you just slightly moved both hands up and down.  What are you actually doing?  Why is there such a miracle?”  I said that I had sent some energy to the patient.  When the energy entered his body, it combined with his lung function and at that moment the power of his lungs improved.  Just like a machine: if the original voltage is not sufficient, then the machine will run slow; however, if the voltage is raised and the power becomes strong enough, the machine will run normally.  Because his lung function was already very weak, the capability of his lungs became low and so the amount of oxygen inhaled would certainly be reduced.  After I sent him the energy, within a certain period of time his lung function improved and hence the lungs’ capability became greater.  As a result, his respiration speeded up.  Since he could inhale a sufficient amount of oxygen for his body, he didn’t need to inhale with an artificial oxygen inhaler.  The oxygen saturation in his body was measured, and it was normal. 

I also joked with the nurses: “If you checked my oxygen saturation right now, maybe his would be higher than mine.”  The reading showed that my oxygen saturation was 98 percent, which was actually lower than his.  I kept on talking to the nurses: “Unfortunately all the functions in his body were too weak, and the energy I sent him can only last for four hours at most.  After that time, his condition will return to the state it was before I gave him the healing.” 

            But if he could practice Pan Gu Shengong diligently before his functions decline so seriously, then he would have a much higher probability of recovering—which is exactly the effect of practicing the form regularly.  These theories are now being accepted by more and more people.  Therefore, many patients become healthy through practicing my qigong, and I am happy for their continuous recovery.  Today, several of my good students are present here, and they would like to share with you their happiness for achieving good health by practicing Pan Gu Shengong. 

            First of all I would like to introduce Anne to you.  Would you like to hear her story of gaining good health with practicing Pan Gu Shengong?

            [Anne makes a speech.  Applause]

            I wish I could understand English, but I know that she must have shared her experience and accomplishment with you.  Even though I don’t know English, I have a very special ability—I can feel, especially for people who have diseases.  If you visit me, then I will know your health condition even if you haven’t told me.  I often tell my patients about his or her conditions and the degree of their recovery, and I did the same for Anne.  Now Anne and I have become very good friends.  I remember last year she requested to celebrate her birthday in my home and she had a wonderful time, and I also felt very happy at seeing one of my students achieve good health.

            The first time Anne came to get a healing from me, I felt that she was very unhappy.  Since all her previous doctors had told her that the state of her illness would only worsen day by day, Anne had become very worried about her illness and very unhappy.  I told her: “If you listen to me and practice Pan Gu Shengong diligently, your health will become better day by day.  From the perspective of modern medical science, your doctors had no methods to treat your health problems, because modern medical science cannot improve many kinds of functions of a person.  Therefore, they thought that your condition would worsen each day.  The blockage in your cervical vertebra apparently caused the decline of the nerve function.  As a result, your bones and muscles became very tired and you felt powerless all over your body.  When you practice my qigong, you will continuously replenish your energy and your nerve function will gradually improve so that your tiredness will diminish.  Likewise, the symptom of muscular atrophy cannot be cured by modern medical science.  What is the reason?  The reason is that the regenerative ability of a person’s muscle cells declines, and consequently the amount of the dead cells is greater than that of the regenerated cells.  However, after practicing my qigong and absorbing beneficial energy, the regenerative ability of cells improves.  In time, the new cells will be greater than the dead cells and the muscles will recover.”  I also said to Anne: “Since you will absorb good energy from the universe to improve the function of the cells, the regenerated cells will be better than the original cells.  I think after a while your skin will be smoother than before.”  I feel that Anne’s skin is now much smoother than it was two years ago. 

            Please take a look at the skin of my arms.  I have never used any moisturizer because it is not needed.  [Audience: laughter]  As the internal ability of a person improves, the cells grow rapidly.  Therefore, for people who love to be beautiful or want to improve their looks, I suggest taking me as a role model.  [Audience: laughter]  Indeed, for a human body the most important things are the internal life force and the immune system.  If all kinds of functions of a human body are in good condition, they will help it advance toward its optimal state; my qigong does just that, and therefore people who have muscular atrophy may have full muscle use again by practicing it.  If people who are very skinny would like to gain some weight, then they may practice Pan Gu Shengong diligently so that they can not only absorb energy but also eat more food in the meantime they can certainly gain some weight.  How about people who are very fat?  Can they lose weight?  Certainly they can.  In a while you may go to the front of the door and take a look at some pictures.  There is one of a person from Portland, Oregon, who is in his sixties.  The picture was taken several years ago before he learned Pan Gu Shengong.  Even though the picture captured only his head, it shows that he was extremely overweight.  When he learned Pan Gu Shengong, his weight was close to 400 pounds; after practicing it two years, he lost 175 pounds, about half his original weight.  He grew firmer and looked younger than before.  You can tell how happy that makes him!  There are many people who search for numerous methods to lose weight, but going back and forth they haven’t achieved their goals.  This man’s method, however, is very simple: every day he practices Pan Gu Shengong twice; he cares about others a lot, tries his best to help people, practices with them, and gives them healings with the Pan Gu Shengong technique.

            My qigong technique is very special, and it requires practitioners to practice it on their own in order to achieve good results; if you would like to give qi healings to others, then you not only help others but also help yourself.  As a result, you will recover faster from your illness and your health will improve a great deal—this is the greatest secret of my qigong technique.  Therefore, I require that my formal students remember the two phrases, “Take kindness and benevolence as basis; take frankness and friendliness to heart,” and that they recite them before practicing Pan Gu Shengong. 

            What is the function of reciting these two phrases?  It is equivalent to the working of a switch.  Qigong means energy: the energy from the universe.  To receive the energy from the universe, it requires a secret code.  It doesn’t mean that you can receive the energy when you want to receive it.  Just like watching television, if you want to watch a particular channel, at the least you need to press the switch to connect the electricity and let the television work—then modulate the frequency in order to see the television shows you want.

            It helps a great deal if we can use the idea of watching television to understand qigong.  In these modern times there are many people practicing qigong, but I find that there are not many people who really understand qigong.  Many people equate practicing qigong with practicing martial arts or with physical exercise.  Normally when people are interested in qigong and want to learn, they always ask: “How do I practice?  Let me try to follow you.”  This kind of understanding about qigong is like the understanding of other exercises.  They think that just like learning martial arts or exercises, they have learned a type of qigong when they know how to do its movements.  This actually is not true.  Take my qigong technique, which has very simple movements.  There are only four of them, three of which are rotations [at the same time demonstrating the rotations on the left side, right side, and in the middle] and one of them is breathing deeply.  Aren’t they very simple?  It takes me less than one minute to teach you.  If you buy the textbook of Pan Gu Shengong, you could follow the instructions and then practice.  In doing so, however, have you really mastered my qigong technique yet?  No, you haven’t.  You have only learned the movements.  Of course, if you follow the textbook’s instruction and practice, you will have some effects.  Especially for those of you who have learned other types of qigong, if you practice my qigong by following the movements given in the textbook, you will find that the energy is very strong, perhaps even stronger than with any other type of qigong you have learned before.  That is, you can absorb more energy from practicing Pan Gu Shengong than from practicing any other type of qigong you might have learned in the past.  If you haven’t become my formal student, however, even though you will have some effects, they would not be comparable with those of my formal students.  Why?  Because if you become my student formally and learn my qigong technique formally from me, I will not only teach you the qigong technique but also explain its principles to you; more importantly, I will directly emit the special invisible information and energy to your body in order to set a foundation for you to learn my qigong technique well.  Under these circumstances, when you do the practice by following the movements I teach you, you will absorb more energy.  Therefore, I hope that you all learn the differences among qigong, physical exercises, and martial arts.

            Martial arts and physical exercises cannot receive this energy from the universe.  All martial arts and physical exercises can only strengthen the physical abilities of muscles and bones in a human being’s body.  Because martial arts or exercises cannot absorb the energy of the universe, they cannot improve all kinds of functions of internal organs and thus cannot effectively improve the immunity.  Hence, athletic exercises cannot truly heal diseases but can have certain effects in preventing diseases.  Excess exercising can also consume the energy of a human body, and when the energy of a body is overly consumed, there will be diseases and side effects.  Many brilliant athletes consume excess amounts of energy; therefore, a number of them have heart diseases, kidney diseases, and the decline of the kidneys’ function.  When I was in Guangdong, I helped some athletes recover from heart diseases. 

            Qigong, if it can really be called qigong, must be able to absorb the energy of the universe; it must have this ability—absorbing the energy of the universe—as its basis.  Qigong that can absorb the energy of the universe must have this invisible mystery; therefore, qigong practitioners must master this invisible information and energy in order to learn it well.  But many qigong students don’t understand this concept and think that they have learned qigong once they learn its movements.  This kind of understanding is very one-dimensional.  Therefore, I don’t recommend that my students to teach others without careful consideration; they must get my permission to teach.  That is, if I think that a student’s understanding of my qigong technique has reached a certain level and also that his/her power reaches a high enough standard to represent me in sending information and energy to learners, then I will permit him or her to be a Pan Gu Shengong instructor.

            The movements of my qigong technique are very straightforward, and the visualizations are very simple as well.  When you do the movement on the left-hand side, you imagine that both palms are holding a golden sun, which you rotate once per second for a total of twenty-six times.  Now you might have feelings when you follow me in doing the rotations.  The second movement is also very easy, even children can do it.  However, can everyone doing the same movements absorb energy?  No, that is impossible.  If I don’t transmit the information to you, then when you only do the movements, your movements will be the same as ordinary exercises.  After, however, you receive my information, you can absorb energy when doing each motion.  My qigong technique is to be practiced in a standing position.  It involves hand and arm movements only; it does not have leg movements.  If someone asks: “My legs have some problems; will your qigong technique be helpful to them, given that there are no leg movements included in your qigong technique?”  My answer is: my qigong technique is helpful to any kind of problem.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to exercise the particular organ if it has problems.  Because my qigong technique is different from physical exercises and its healing principle is designed according to the secret of human physiology.

            What is the secret of the human physiological structure?  I think that the internal life force is very important to the internal mystery of human lives.  How does the life force work?  Do you know how your heart beats?  Do you know how your marrow produces blood?  Do you know how your kidneys eliminate viruses?  Do you know when you will be sick?  When you get sick, do you know when you will recover?  Is there anyone who knows the answers to these questions?  Ordinary people do not know, and only very, very few people do.  Why?  It is because the characteristic way that the life force works is different from how our mind works.  We can master our mind and we can control what we think.  Nevertheless, the vital internal organs belong to another system, which is controlled purely by the life force inside a human body, not by a person’s mind.  The life force is self-regulating according to the needs of the vital internal organs in a body, and it will automatically absorb the energy that is demanded according to the needs of the body.  Therefore, when practicing my qigong, sometimes you may feel hot, sometimes you may feel cool, sometimes you may feel numb, and you may have other feelings as well.  Take the cool and warm feelings as examples.  When you feel warm, you might be imagining that you are absorbing the sun’s energy—from the ancient Chinese viewpoint of the balance of yin and yang, the sun is the most concrete representative of yang, whereas the moon represents yin.  After you learn my qigong, you will have a deeper understanding of many ancient Chinese philosophical concepts, such as the balance of yin and yang—hence, you may understand in this way: today when practicing Pan Gu Shengong the fact that you have more warm sensations demonstrates that today you need more energy of the sun; the practice helps you automatically absorb it, making you feel warm.  However, during practice the next day you might have more cool sensations, demonstrating that on that day you need more energy of the moon; the practice is helping you automatically absorb more energy of the moon, according to your needs.  None of this  requires you to think about it. 

Since you don’t know how to answer the questions I asked before, you won’t know when your body needs energy or what kind of energy it needs.  How do we solve the problem of what kind of energy we should absorb for the best result?  I transform all these factors into very simple movements, and you don’t need to think but just follow the method that I teach you to practice; it will help you regulate your body automatically, it will help you absorb the energy that your body needs automatically, and it will help you absorb the energy needed for a particular organ automatically—this is the characteristic of my qigong. 

            [During the break time, some people bought Master Ou’s books and asked him to sign them.  After the break he continued.]

            Some people bought my books and asked for my signature.  Your choice is very good.  I should tell you clearly about the effect of my signature.  After I sign my name on a book, its energy will increase.  You might try taking two copies of my book, one with my signature and one without, and putting them on a table.  Put your hands on the top of the books, but without touching them.  You can feel that the one with my signature has stronger energy.  After you get a copy of my book, you should read it to understand further.  There is another effect besides that: sometime when you have a minor problem (such as stomachache), you might try to hold the book on the painful area; after a while you will feel the pain go away.  Therefore, in many places, especially in Guangzhou, many children bought additional copies of my book for themselves after learning Pan Gu Shengong.  What do they use my book for?  When they have a stomachache or feel uncomfortable, they hold my book; after a while, the pain is gone, and that is more effective than taking medicine.  Thus, they view my book as a treasure.  Several years ago in San Francisco, there was a Chinese girl who embraced my book when feeling uncomfortable and then felt at ease right away.  She told her mom that she really liked me and wanted to kiss me when seeing me. 

            Of course, if you want your body to be healthier, you cannot simply embrace this book.  The most important thing is to practice Pan Gu Shengong and absorb more energy so that your life force and your immunity improve to a very high level.  Then you don’t need to worry.  

            If you learn my qigong and practice it and you also have my book, then you can make good use of it to help others.  If a friend of yours feels uncomfortable, you may let him hold my book, and that may be effective.  I often help others.  When I see people who feel dizzy or uncomfortable in a car, I take off my watch and let them hold it or put in on their stomach, and then they stop feeling dizzy.  How can that happen?  I am sure that you won’t feel very surprised; because I believe that many people sitting here believe qigong and its super capability, which is exactly the effect of energy.  Everything of mine carries my energy; for instance, my calligraphy and the watch I designed all have very strong energy of mine.  From the point of view of art, my calligraphy is a work of art, but more importantly it contains my unique energy.  If you practice Pan Gu Shengong in front of my calligraphy, you will feel that the effect on your power is different: the calligraphy can help you absorb more energy. 

Today I forgot to bring a picture with me that captured a very special phenomenon.  Several years ago, one of my students was giving a healing treatment to a person seated in front of my calligraphy inside my office located in Guangzhou University; another person used a camera to take a picture of the healing process.  After the film was developed, there was visible in the picture a path of qi like a rainbow emitted from my calligraphy to the patient and surrounding the patient.  There was an even more remarkable incident.  Last year there was a senior in Guangzhou, more than 70 years old, who was using the gas stove at home; several times she tried to light it but failed.  On the last attempt, once the gas stove was lit, the fire expanded and in no time became a disaster.  It burned up everything inside the house except my calligraphy on the wall which was not damaged at all.  If you want to get to know my qigong and want to learn it, I would like to share all the mystery with you.

            [During the break time someone had asked for Master Ou’s name card.]

            I usually don’t carry my name cards with me because my name cards are not used for socializing, the way other people do; they are given to my students.  For a person who learns my qigong formally, I give him my name card and issue him a membership card.  These two things I give my students are the information representatives of my qigong.  My name card in particular contains very special energy.  In general, for some minor health problems, a person can hold my name card in the center of his or her hand and then relax; after a while, the person will feel much more comfortable.  I also suggest to my students that they had better carry my name card when going out, because many of my students experienced protection, even when accidents happened to them.

            Here I specifically cite one example.  Rachel, one of my students in San Francisco, once was driving on a highway going 70 miles an hour.  Suddenly there was a car cutting into her lane in front from the one next to hers.  Since the car was driven at a slower speed, she was going to hit the car.  All of the sudden she felt her car rotate 180 degrees.  Afterward she totally forgot her actions at that time but she remembered that her car had rotated 180 degrees.  What she saw was the car originally at her back driving toward her at a very high speed.  She thought: Too bad, this time I didn’t hit the other car but now a third car is going to hit mine.  At that moment, however, as if there was a special power suddenly controlling her, she rotated the steeling wheel another 180 degrees, and then her car moved forward along the original direction.  Don’t you think that was very strange? 

            There was a male Pan Gu Shengong student in San Jose.  For a period of time he was in a bad mood, probably because he broke up with his girlfriend.  He was also driving on a highway.  When he changed to the right lane, there was a big truck coming at a very high speed.  His car went underneath the big truck and was dragged by the truck for 200 meters or so.  His car was flattened and needed to be completely restored, yet, surprisingly, he wasn’t aware of how he came out from underneath the truck.  After he did come out, he found that he had no injuries.  He touched his pocket and took out my name card, and he cried.

            There is a more miraculous story.  In 1994 there was a flood in Guangdong.  One student of mine was a vice manager of a passenger transport company.  One day when he was about to drive, his wife asked him: “Have you taken Master Ou’s name card with you?”  He answered: “No.”  His wife said: “Why don’t you quickly get it, since you are going to be driving your car?”  Then he took my name card with him.  (My students usually laminate my name card for protection purposes.)  That day as he was driving his car close by the river bank, the dike suddenly collapsed.  He and his car were washed away by the flood.  A friend of his on the river bank saw him and his car being washed away, disappearing in the flood.  His friend dashed to the driver’s home to tell of his death.  But when the friend got there, he saw that the driver was at home, safe.  His friend was shocked: “Are you a ghost or a person?  I just saw you and your car being washed away by the flood.  How did you arrive home faster than me?”  Actually, it was very miraculous.  Later the student told me what had happened.  He said: “When I was washed away by the flood, at the beginning I saw very yellow muddy water, and then I saw blackness.  After that I slowly became unconscious.  I don’t know how I opened the door of my car under the water and got out.  When I became conscious, I found that my head was out of water.  Just at that moment there was a piece of wood floating toward me, and I grabbed it; then the water pushed me to the shore.  After I landed, I checked myself and I saw that my hands had some scratches and the gold ring on my finger was gone.  But when I touched the pocket on my shirt, your name card was still there.  I was really happy.”  You may think about the mystery hidden in the story.  Since some people have already gained this kind of protection, when you have the chance to obtain my name card, it will do no harm to you to carry it along with you.  The three mysterious stories I mentioned a moment ago might be just which good fortune, fortuitous good fortune; however, wouldn’t it be wonderful to gain more good fortune in your life once you learn my qigong and obtain my name card?

            For people who have recovered from their diseases by practicing Pan Gu Shengong, there are countless examples.  All kinds of patients have become healthy through the practice.  Winnie, who is sitting in front of me, is an example.

            [Winnie makes a speech.  Applause]

            Whenever I see that my students achieving good health, I feel very happy, very joyful.  Why?  About twenty-nine years ago, I had a very miraculous experience that changed my life. 

            In those days I had received the kind of special education current in China, and therefore my brain was full of materialism and I didn’t believe in God.  Also, at that time I couldn’t contact any ancient Chinese culture, not even qigong.  But my experience was indeed very miraculous and special: one day I heard a voice from the sky, a voice that flowed into my left ear and spoke to me.  At first my reaction was: was there some person talking to me inside the room?  No, there wasn’t.  My second reaction was: was there someone speaking to me outside the room?  No, there wasn’t anyone there, either.  Then the “voice” continued talking to me: “You don’t need to look, because I am not a human being.  At the very least, I am not the kind of human being you know.”  This phenomenon sparked my curiosity yet made me feel very confused.  I tried to explain it with the knowledge of science that I had acquired, but I still couldn’t explain it. Nevertheless, the voice was very special, and he said: “It doesn’t matter whether you believe or not.  I need to use this period of time to tell you the past and the future of the universe.”  Then he told me the most ancient Chinese myth—that Pan Gu created heaven and earth.  I had never heard this myth.  From then on, just like showing a movie, he continuously projected many images inside my head, which told me that in the past the universe had no planets and no material at all; it had only one being, who was the creator.  The voice also said that in Western religion the creator could be understood as God while in ancient Chinese culture he could be understood as Pan Gu, who created heaven and earth.  The voice also explained the relationship between the creator and the universe, a universe with nothing in it, and then, as I viewed numerous pictures, he told me how that being had created planets, humanity, ghosts and deities, and plants and animals; and I felt as if I had gotten into a myth.  In regard to these things that seemed mythical, I could not say that I believed them.  But when the voice talked about the structure of the human body and the relationship between the life force and the flesh-and-blood body, I was inspired and I did try to accept his suggestions: I stopped taking medicines from then on and followed the method he revealed to practice and to absorb energy.  When I was young, I also had diseases, and I had two kinds of disease that couldn’t be cured by taking medicines.  After two years my diseases were indeed completely healed.  In the past, I had had a skin allergy and I was allergic to alcohol, even if I had just a very small amount of it.  If I took a pill containing antibiotics, my skin would fester.  But now all these problems were gone.  After I did repeated experiments for more than ten years, I finally decided to use the method to create a qigong technique in order to help more people achieve good health by practicing it.  At that time, I had already made a wish in my heart: that all people in this world could be healthy!  And that all people in this world could be kind and benevolent!

            Can a person’s body gain good health?  If you learn my qigong, then you will have a very high possibility of gaining good health!  Of course, if you understand the meaning of the sentence, “Take kindness and benevolence as basis,” then you will have an even greater possibility!  The two phrases, “Take kindness and benevolence as basis; take frankness and friendliness to heart,” were not proposed by me but were proposed to me by Pan Gu.  I have made up my mind to act as Pan Gu has required; therefore, my main purpose of propagating Pan Gu Shengong is not to earn lots of money for myself but to save others’ lives.  Therefore, no matter where I travel to teach this qigong, I set the fees to be very low.  In America I charge you one hundred dollars for teaching you the moving form.  After you learn the moving form, you will gain some benefits and have a good foundation; by the time you would like to learn the nonmoving form, you will be also charged one hundred dollars.  If your power and your understanding achieve a higher level, you might want to ask me whether I have an advanced qigong technique.  My answer is yes, I also have the advanced form.  To practice the moving form once, you need to spend twenty minutes.  Its effect might be better than the result you get when you practice other qigong techniques several hours.  The advanced form takes even less time, only five minutes to complete.  If you learn all my qigong techniques, what you need to pay is just three to four hundred dollars.  If you truly practice my qigong techniques, it is possible for you to completely recover no matter what kinds of diseases you have.  How much money are you going to save in this way?  Let’s talk about Winnie.  In the past she took many medicines.  When she returned from China, she had to use a big bag to pack up her medicines for which she had paid a lot.  The problem was that even though Winnie had paid so much for the medicines, she wasn’t cured and she couldn’t recover.  After she learned Pan Gu Shengong, she no longer needed to take any medicines.  Gradually she recovered.  If you just calculate the financial balance—would you say that Pan Gu Shengong can help you reduce the burden a lot?

            Of course, there might be someone who would ask: “Since you propose being kind and benevolent, why can’t you waive my tuition fee?  If you teach me Pan Gu Shengong without charging me, then you are kind and benevolent.”  I have met many people like this, and I can only smile at them.  Because those people who speak this way were not being kind and benevolent to me, at the very least.  Have they ever thought that I also need to eat and that I need to pay for the rent of my office?  In my own wishes, I certainly hope that some day I can teach Pan Gu Shengong without charging any tuition fee, but I must wait until the day that I have a certain amount of money to live on.  Are these reasons very simple?  The tuition fee that I charge for teaching Pan Gu Shengong is indeed very low; therefore, many people who have learned other types of qigong who come to learn my qigong technique think that I charge too little.  Several months ago I traveled to Indonesia and gave lectures there.  There was a person who spent tens of thousands of Chinese yuan to learn a particular type of qigong.  But he spent only two hundred yuan to learn my qigong.  However, the qigong he spent tens of thousands of Chinese yuan to learn couldn’t cure his neurasthenia.  After he spent two hundred dollars to learn Pan Gu Shengong, he could sleep very well after several days.  He said that the other qigong was not comparable to Pan Gu Shengong, and that he had been silly in the past.

            Of course, everyone has predestined relationships and opportunities.  If you haven’t encountered certain opportunities, then that is fine.  Today, however, you meet the opportunity; I hope you can make a wise choice.  In the future if you would like to learn Pan Gu Shengong, you may contact me via telephone—the phone number is given in the material.  For those of you who live close by, you may visit me and learn it in my office.  For those of you who live in another city or another country, you may learn by correspondence; I also can give you long-distance healing and send you information and energy. 

            Basically I have now finished introducing my qigong technique.  In order to let you have a direct sensation, I would like to give you a healing.  Please stand up, relax your body, put your palms up, and close your eyes. 

            [Sends energy]

            Are the feelings in both palms the same?  Usually the left palm has a stronger feeling.  Do you want to know why?  Because I emphatically send energy to your left palm and take away the bad energy of your body from your right palm.  Thus some of you might feel that there was some air slightly taken out from your right palm.

            It is a pity that I cannot continue introducing Pan Gu Shengong because of the time.  If you are truly interested in learning this qigong technique in order to become healthy, I hope that you contact me in the future.

            Whether you will become my student in the future or not, still it is a predestined relationship, our meeting together today.  Last, please let me wish for you:

            Good health and happiness!

            Today’s lecture ends here.  Thank you!

Translated by Jessica Lin, Robert Anderson, Olivia Ou

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