Qi-infused Teas by Master Ou

Master Ou's Qi-infused teas are once again available. Lorna Kwan, a PGSG instructor and owner of Sunís Organic Teas & Herbs store in NYC, NY has worked with Master Ou to provide Qi infused teas. Lorna and Master Ou have selected several different types of organic teas that are of superior quality to be infused with Qi by Master Ou. For a complete list of Qi infused teas or to place an order please contact Lorna Kwan at: Llai13@aol.com

The list of the teas:

Organic green tea per ounce

Dragon well spring 2012 $8.50/oz

High mountain green tea 5.75

Jasmine & rose 3.99

Organic Oolong

Tie Kwun Yin/(Iron Goddess of Mercy) 8.50

Organic white tea

Silver needle 6.50

White peony with Mango & Pear 4.99

Organic pu'erh

2011 Pu'erh 3.99

2003 mini pu'erh cake (4 pcs) 8.25

Caffeine free tea

Organic honey bush, green and red rooibos 3.25

Relax tea (Organic Chamomile, lavender, rose, lemon grass etc....) 3.99

Organic blooming flower tea (each piece will make one pot, steep at least 3 times)

Pangu's Love 2.50/each

(Org. Jasmine Silver needle, globe amaranth flower, marigold)

Sun & Moon 2.50/each

(organic silver needle, jasmine, amaranth, marigold)

Tips on how to make tea:

Each ounce of tea makes approx. 10 to 15 cups.

Water temperature to brew tea:

White and green tea: heat water below boiling, about 180 degree

Oolong tea: heat water below boiling, about 200 degree

Black and Pu'erh tea: heat water to rolling boil