A Healing Miracle Master Ou's Songs bring to a Six-year-old Girl

Olivia Ou

Feeling deeply appreciative of Master Ou's healing songs, I would like to share with you a healing miracle that these songs have brought to a six-year-old girl in China.


Fang is that six-year-old girl living in China; she is intelligent and polite.  Unfortunately, since the age of two, she has had frightening dreams almost every night.  Often she would be awakened by these terrifying dreams, screaming, shaking, sweating, her heart beating fast.  Her parents took her to see many doctors, but no treatments worked.  As she got older, the condition got worse.  Two months ago, she had a high fever for four days and was awakened at night by nightmares.  Even when taking a nap in the afternoon, she would be scared of having these terrifying dreams.  Fang became afraid to go to sleep at any time.  Her parents and grandparents were extremely worried about her.


On March 7, Fang again was awakened by one of her terrifying nightmares and was shaking.  Her grandmother held her in her arms.  Suddenly, the grandma thought of Pangu Shengong, so she called Amy (who is a PGSG instructor) for help. 


The next day, Amy brought the family Master Ou’s healing-songs album and healing-songs book.  She even sang a few of Master Ou’s healing songs to Fang.  Fang listened quietly.  Then Amy wrote down the magic words—the maxim of Pangu Shengong—for Fang: “Take kindness and benevolence as basis; take frankness and friendliness to heart.”  Amy asked Fang to memorize the words so she could recite them in her mind before she went to bed or when she felt scared.  Amy reminded the grandparents to use Master Ou’s healing songs to do music therapy for Fang; Amy also encouraged them to do a lot of PGSG forms for Fang to help her recover.  Amy especially wanted to share with them the story of how a PGSG student in Zhongshan cured his two-year-old daughter’s brain tumor by doing hours of PGSG practice for her everyday.


That evening, right after Fang arrived home, she immediately began to listen to Master Ou’s album of healing songs.  When she listened to the song “Dreamland Waltz,” she told her grandma: “I’m deeply touched by this song.  I am so touched that I want to cry!”  That night, she played Master Ou’s healing songs throughout the entire night.  She actually held the mp3 player in her arms the whole time.


You might be eager to know what happened that first night.  Fang woke up only one time and was not screaming—and she was able to get back to sleep right away!  The result was amazing!!!  Since then, Fang listens to Master Ou’s healing songs every day.  Sometimes she even practices the moving form along with her grandparents.  She recites the “magic words” ten times every night before she goes to bed, then goes to sleep accompanied by Master Ou’s healing songs.  As a result, since that first night when she began using Master Ou’s music therapy, Fang sleeps calmly and peacefully every night.  Now she can go to school with no problems.  She can even sing a few of Master Ou’s healing songs by herself now.


Fang’s grandmother feels very grateful: “I’m so grateful!  It’s a miracle!  If it hadn’t been my own experience, I would never believe that it’s true!  Master Ou is a GREAT healer!”


On April 8, 2012, it was exactly one month since Fang began to use Master Ou’s songs to do music therapy.  On that day she came to a PGSG support group with her grandparents.


Fang’s grandmother told the group how sick Fang was before and how much agony and desperation they had felt all those years.  Grateful and excited, she then told the group: “Since the second night of the music therapy, Fang has been able to sleep through the night without any nightmares.  She isn’t afraid of the dark anymore and feels comfortable enough to sleep with the lights off.  In addition, she can go to the bathroom alone without fear.  Fang is completely recovered now!  It is such a miracle!”


Fang sang Master Ou’s song “Dreamland Waltz” for the group at the end, in both Mandarin and Cantonese.  The atmosphere of happiness and warmth nourished and motivated everyone in the group.  Beyond the excitement and happiness, Amy, the instructor who had brought Master Ou’s songs to Fang, could not held but reflect in her mind: “The inner reason that Fang recovered so quickly is that she has a pure soul with which she completely accepts and devotes herself to the divine love energy from Pangu and Master Ou.  And this is something we as adults should reflect on ourselves.”