Testimonial 2012

George Iber, Ph.D., education professor

Every year we all can write a testimony of progress and gratitude to our spiritual source.  For me, Pangu Shengong has proven to be a subtle yet very powerful gong of spiritual development.  There is no aspect of life experience that is not being transformed.  As I let go of my fears and habits of mind, they are replaced by a blissful awareness.  To give you some idea of the paradox, for awhile I was worried that contentment was overtaking my heart.  “What if,” I thought, “I really am becoming happy and contented, what if I really begin to feel my soul.”  It is a huge question that does not allow escape because if one were to finally find oneself in some form of human spiritual connection there would be no choice but to change all of our interactions with our world and the people in it. 

The world is far from calm, humans continue to race about in vehicles that pollute the air and guarantee a future energy crisis. Populations climb, while soil and ocean fertility decline. Against this backdrop the spirituality of humanity is being tested, and yet I think we may be winning, yes, I am optimistic that the awareness by all of our mutual interconnectedness and the divinity within us all is making a difference.  To see this you need to look behind the usual media rhetoric.  Humanity is moving from local egocentric perspectives to an awareness of humanity as a global family.  The religious based terrorism of the recent past has revealed the fallacy of exclusivity.  All traditions seek one truth; all humanity seeks its source.  Master Ou has said that it doesn’t matter what name you give to God, what is important is that you acknowledge him in your life.

Master Ou has written and spoken on many occasions that we possess a “fragment” of the creator in our heart as an entity.  An entity is a being. He sometimes speaks of our heart-soul.  This is not a translation mistake, or an abstract idea, this reflects the reality of his perception.  Recently I have been able to confirm this expression both in ancient Chinese texts as well as in western inspired spiritual revelations.  Operating from this point of view is possible; in fact it is our preferred birthright.

I am not able to place an exact date or a moment when I became aware of an inner presence.  It certainly has always been there, perhaps as my conscience.  Accepting destiny as a fundamental force guiding our lives, and taking responsibility for my small role in deciding how to engage my free-will, I am compelled to speak and act in a new way.  To the extent that I may allow my ego to relax and let the heart-soul direct destiny, I find the world around me changing in remarkable ways.  It is said that the outer world reflects the inner life, but maybe the reality is closer to a continuum; the inner and outer are all of the same divine consciousness.

This year, in my small world, the western sky is lit with the bright planets of Jupiter and Venus, while the crescent moon passes through them on the ecliptic, all shining bright due to the sun’s reflected energy.  It is the sun plus these celestial bodies reflecting a beautiful energy that we can see.  If what we can see is so spectacular, imagine the influences that are beyond our seeing.  So it is with our daily life; the people we meet, the prayers we make, the dreams we have, the opportunities we are presented with, the love we give and receive, the wisdom that comes to us in poetry or even a child’s voice, the spiritual healers we encounter, someone at work is playing Gregorian chanting in the background.  All these are reflections of the same divine source.

Next month Susy and I will visit Spain and France, stopping at Lourdes, a place of healing miracles. Later in the year it is very probable that we will be living in Peru for a year, working, but also having the time to visit the ancient Inca sites. It is this type of manifestation of fortune in the world that I can think of as God’s blessing. How fortunate, to have the good health, and spiritual energy to be moved in this path.  Pangu Shengong not only aids in curing the physical disease we may have, but it uplifts all aspects of our life.  It says in the bible that faith is necessary to enter heaven.  Master Ou admonishes us to live by the password to enter the future human world. Both of these challenges are deceptively simple, but the good news is that as we do our part, as we reform our hearts and souls, I believe that we begin to live in a different world.  Our destiny becomes influenced with heavenly qi and that is enough to actually change our living reality.  We gain that “peace which passes understanding.”  We gain a glimpse into the future human world.