• Pangu Shengong Grants My Entire Family the Path to Good Health -- by Xiuying Deng
    "When I first read this testimonial in Chinese I was deeply touched.  As I wiped the tears from my eyes I wanted to translate it into English so more Pangu Shengong students could experience the remarkable healing journey of Xiuying Deng.  I was very grateful to read about Xiuying Deng’s recovery and moved by the sincerity and love exhibited by her son and other Pangu Shengong practioners.  I have been fortunate enough to witness the tender love that Master Ou exhibits when he is helping people that are vulnerable and sick.  This testimonial has reminded me about just how precious Pangu Shengong is and how lucky I am to have encountered it. Please click here to read Xiuying's touching testimonial. May you get the same great benefits she got from doing Pangu Shengong practice." -- by Jessica Lin, the translator.
  • Rachael, a long time PGSG practitioner, shares with you her small yet profound stories about her daily PGSG practice. She said, "I share my PGSG experiences in the hope that they would instill a greater confidence in new PGSG students and anyone who is interested in PGSG." Click here to read more.

  • "I like that Pangu Shengong promotes kindness, advocates assisting others, and that it is so profoundly supportive.  I have a sense of well being and contentment in my life that I never had before.  I have found that many bad habits I had in the past have simply fallen away.  Pangu Shengong seems to be working at a deep level on improving my heart and soul..." -- by Jason Davis from Canada. Click here to read the full testimonial.

  • Susan DeFlavis recovered from 20 different kinds of illnesses by doing Pangu Shengong daily. Click here for detail.
  • Amazing Testimonials from Two New Pangu Shengong Students in Florida Click here for detail.
  • "Pangu Shengong, the Real Health Insurance" by Sze Chan
    A business owner of a transportation company and a manager of a bank in Cilacap in Indonesia had their employees practicing Pangu Shengong as their 'health insurance'! Click here to read more.
  • An Email from Katie Roberts in June 2010
    "I attended a Pangu Shengong class today taught by Keith (a PGSG instructor) and was overcome with joy and appreciation for Pangu Shengong. It has done so much for me. I am more in touch with myself, I am able to relate better with my husband, and I am able to remain calmer around my children. It was exactly 1 year ago that I learned the moving form and truly feel that I am a happier and healthier person for it. I want to express my gratitude to Master Ou for what he has done for me and many." by Katie Roberts in June of 2010. Click here to read more.
  • PanGu Shengong gives me a second chance for life
    Tan Caixia, a woman who suffered
    from mid-late lung cancer, shares with you about how she recovers from her cancer by doing Pangu Shengong practice intensively. You may get some insight from her experience on how to improve your Pangu Shengong practice so as to achieve benefits as great as Tan Caixia's. Click here to read the article...
  • Master Ou's long distance healing on my niece's new born baby
    "The Pan Gu Mystical Qigong has been a powerful part of my life for the past 11 years. Teaching both the Moving and Non-Moving Forms allows me to see first hand the healing qualities and properties that Pan Gu Mystical Qigong can do for people’s lives. I have had many powerful personal experiences over the years and one of the most powerful involved the birth of my niece’s daughter." Click here for the detail.
  • Prof. Che Laiying shares with you how she benefits greatly from Master Ou's healing music. click here to read more
  • George Iber, an education professor, shares his insight about Pan Gu Shengong.

  • Colleen Graves shares her story about how she uses Pan Gu Shengong to take care of her baby who has Cystic Fibrosis. Click here to read the detail

  • Good Luck after Adversity----My recovering from a brain concussion and fractures of the brain and eye orbit bone caused by an car accident. Written by Huang XiGao. more...

  • Pan Gu Shengong cured my rheumatoid arthritis -- by Yang YuXia
    The name Yang Yuxia would not sound unfamiliar to the American Pan Gu Shengong students who have visited Asia with Master Ou. Yes, she is the travel agent and tour guide who arranged and led all those trips. I believe, however, none of them would imagine that she had serious rheumatoid arthritis before. In this testimonial, Yang elaborated how serious her illnesses was and how she practiced PGSG to achieve 100% cure. more...

  • Feedback on PGSG newsletters from Rick Mata
    "I have to tell you that I look forward to and really enjoy receiving the newsletters.  As I consider myself to be a voracious reader, I find the news updates & articles to be informative, highly motivating and very useful for learning more insights about Pan Gu Shengong.  Please keep the newsletters coming ..."

  • "My whole family has gained many benefits by practicing PGSG.
    My insomnia and constipation were completely cured by practicing Pan Gu Shengong for only one month...My daughter is making progress on her congenital low intelligence with treatments of PGSG...my father and sister were cured from their bronchitis by the practice of PGSG..." -- Luo Xiao Juan more...
  • Louise Searle is recovering from her Macular Denegation and diabetes.
    Louise has only been practicing PGSG for a month, yet the benefit she got has been dramatic. more...
  • Chen Zhaoming had his proliferation of scars cured by practicing Pan Gu Shengong
    "...I gained miraculous result in less than one month when I continued practicing Pan Gu Shengong and receiving energy.  The proliferation of scars stopped growing, and the small bean-spout-size sarcomata dried up as scabs and then came off from my body.  Three months later, bruises occurred on the transplanted skin with scars and then became soft and smooth, whereas the chicken-egg-size sarcomata on my knee joints shrank a lot as well.  My whole body was recovering..." more...

  • Edwin Dearth's vision is returning
    Edwin Dearth in AZ has OCULAR HISTOPLASMOSIS. He has noticed a list of changes since he learned Pan Gu Shengong on 5/18/07. He has been practicing the moving form 5-10 times a day. One day he did it 12 times! He is also trying very hard to follow the password in his conduct and deepen his love. Here are the changes in his words: "five days after I started the practice I saw my eyes for the first time in my friends 'Rearview car mirror', I also saw one of his contact lenses on his finger--I could have never seen that..." Read more

  • Feng Le was told that he must have liver transplant and spleen removed in 2003; he didn't do the surgeries, but his liver and spleen were back to normal amazingly in 2005! How could this happen? Because of Pan Gu Shengong. Read the detail here...

  • Rod Taylor shared his experience and thoughts of being a PGSG instructors in a recent interview in Canada. Read it...

  • Guo Yong Qing told us how he recovered from sever haemoptysis of bronchiectasis with the practice of PGSG, and shared his inspiration from his pain tempering. More...

  • I recovered from the third stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma by practicing PGSG -- Wang Ji An
  • I would love to follow you to the Golden Road of Pan Gu Shengong -- Chen Jingshan
  • Pan Gu Shengong Once Again Creates The Miracle Of Life -- Wu, Linliang
  • Under the thread of death, I deeply realize the mystical power of Pan Gu Shengong -- Xu, Yunying
  • I love this energy and use it daily -- Carla Judge
  • I recovered from lung cancer completely by practicing PGSG for 4 months -- Huang Yan Ping
  • Try my best to do the 5-practice in order to improve my health and soul  -- Ou Hui Xian
  • Pan Gu Shengong Gave Me the Second Life -- Sun Guixin
  • Arianna is recovering from Williams Syndrome -- Michelle Gallagher

  • Love, Confidence, and Consistence — the PGSG practicing and teaching experience of Mr. Wei

  • Great Experiences with Pan Gu Shengong --- Soedaryono

  • Tempering for the Beautiful Eternal Future World --- Shila Chan

  • My Experience in Boston 2004. --- Afsaneh Tehranchi

  • We recently translated some testimonials which wrote by some PGSG teachers in China, talking about their experience of practicing PGSG and teaching PGSG. We hope that these information can help you to understand more about how to achieve the great benefits with PGSG. Please click here.

  • "Pan Gu Shengong is a gift I can use to remind me of the beauty within myself.  For anyone looking to better themselves, I would recommend them to check out Pan Gu Shengong. "
    --- Herman Goudy (more...)

  • "The daily practice of Pan Gu Shengong also helped me to lose 175 pounds. ...... Prior to learning the Pan Gu Qigong form, my eating habits were not so good but after learning Pan Gu Shengong, I was drawn to eat healthier food which deeply affected my weight loss and promoted a heathier way of being. "
    --- Myron Boyer (more...)

  • "After just a few weeks of practicing PGSG, I noticed a significant increase in my energy level. Now, two years later, the improvements to both my physical and emotional health is nothing less than dramatic. It is simple to do, yet very powerful."
    --- Maria Scarfone - New York City

  • Xie Yun, a doctor herself in China, who suffered from a fatal cancer and failed to gain help from medicine, has got a new life by practicing Pan Gu Shengong. Now she would like to share her own experience with all of you.
  • Anne Brown was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than 3 years ago. She began to practice PGSG two and half year ago. Right now, she is able to cutting woods and riding bicycle like a regular person. See Anne Brown's new grateful letter to Master Ou for detail. 
  • "I was curious enough to attend the seminar given by Master Ou, ...... It has been almost a year since I first learned Pan Gu Shengong so I can speak from my own experience to recommend this qigong as a method to improve and safeguard your health, as well as assist you to feel peaceful and calm in your daily life."
    ---by Michael Udel (more...)
  • Would you be curious in how a surgeon began to practice PGSG and found himself and his patients getting benefits from it? He also did some interesting experiments to prove the existence of Qigong. Click here for details about Dr. Jason Chen's experience.
  • "I recovered from SARS with the help of PGSG. I appreciate it very much..."
    --- by
    Dr. Xu Zhong Hong, Professor at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (more...)
  • "I appreciate very much that Master Ou and his Pan Gu Shengong have completely cured my two diseases, Infection of Trapezius and Haemorrhoids."
    --- by
    Dr. Xu Zhong Hong, Professor at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (more...)
  • "As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and a student of energy cultivation for more than 15 years, I can honestly say that Pan Gu Shengong is the most effective and comprehensive system of energy cultivation I have ever encountered, both here and in Asia. The practice of Pan Gu Shengong has enriched my life in every way possible and, time and again, I have seen it restore the physical and emotional health of my patients and greatly contribute to their spiritual well-being. To say that I am grateful to Master Ou only begins to express the depths of my feelings for what he continues to do for humanity."
    --- Paul Fraser, Integrative Physical Therapy
  • "In the past, I injured my left shoulder and neck repeatedly.  As a result, I suffered from muscle tightness and pain along the left side of the body.  Regular Pan Gu Shen Gong practice helps me open the affected shoulder, eliminate the pain in the left leg, and balance energy on both sides of my body. The improvements are visible not only on the physical level.  I found that through the moving meditation I can resolve negative mental states and experience the feelings of joy, peace and openness.  These amazing results can be accomplished by an easy daily routine of a simple 20-minute exercise." 
    --- by Krystyna Nitschke, a Director of Finance, San Francisco, CA 
  • "Pan Gu Shengong increases my energy and concentration; balances my mind; calms and relaxes me; opens my heart with an abundance of love, joy and compassion; works on my soul by allowing me to see mire clearly limiting beliefs and ways that no longer serve me."
    --- by Fern RossIsrael, a Mind/Body Therapist/Yoga Teacher, Boston, MA
  • "The process of practicing the simple hand movements of Pan Gu Shengong aids the practitioner to absorb the energy of the sun and moon, the yang combined with the yin, which is a key to bring the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects back into harmony."
    --- by Fang Ning, Tai Chi Great Grandmaster, China
  • "Pan Gu Shengong has given me a greater sense of balance and a path to work with energy to strengthen my body to heal itself. Practicing the form has given me a dimension of peace that I haven't previously experienced."
    --- by Tatiana Lifshitz, Portland, OR
  • "To heal the root of our suffering is what Pan Gu Shengong is all about. It is love in action, the process by which we wake up to understand our connection with God. Experience it for yourself and you will see ... a new you!"
    --- by Donna Selby, PGSG Instructor, Portland, Oregon
  • "I was drawn to Pan Gu Shengong in my journey to seek inner healing. I feel calm, grounded and more aligned both spiritually and structurally when practicing Pan Gu Shengong. I would highly recommend this form of qigong to others." 
         ---- by Melissa D., Portland, Oregon
  • "I walked out of the bathroom one morning and sharp pains suddenly hit me in by back. The pain was so painful I found it difficult to breath. By the next day my whole chest ached around the sternum. This sensation lasted three days. The third day I took Ou’s book Pan Gu Mystical Qigong and placed it on my sternum for about 20 minutes and went to bed. The pain left and I have not experienced it again". 
         --- Gladys Willie, Portland, Oregon
  • "Since practicing Pan Gu Mystical Qigong, I have noticed a definite improvement in my overall health. Chronic neck and back pain from an old injury have lessened and I experience increased flexibility and feel a sense of spaciousness in my spine that I have not felt before. In addition to these physical improvements, I feel relaxed and centered after my practice. I notice that my mind has quieted and I have been gently energized." 
         ---- by Nina Rollow, Portland, OR
  • "After practicing Pan Gu Mystical Qigong for the past few months I can honestly say that this form is incredibly powerful. It heals at the deepest level and is so simple to learn. I have noticed major physical changes as my body is coming into balance as well as shifts in consciousness. The impact is so profound that it is very challenging to find words to describe. If there is only one tool that I can recommend for coping and dealing with the New Millenium it is Pan Gu Shengong." 
    Suzanne Rollow, Portland,OR
  • "Since I started practicing Pan Gu Shengong, my immune system is stronger than it has ever been, and my relations with others have changed. I no longer see enemies in my world." 
         ---- Paulette Silber , Portland, Oregon
  • "Recently, I practiced Pan Gu Shengong for the first time and noticed an aching sensation in my left hip, a spot I commonly experience pain due to an injury sustained years ago. Later that day, during another round of Pan Gu exercise, I felt a pleasant sensation, like a vibration, traveling down my left side, from my hip to my toe. It felt like some kind of release. Five days later, after having practiced Pan Gu Shengong daily, I have not experienced any pain in my left side, in my hip or in my leg. I feel as if a significant change has occurred." 
         ---- by Judy Neiman, Portland, OR