Author Topic: How can I benefit from Ou's Music?  (Read 1505 times)


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How can I benefit from Ou's Music?
« on: August 13, 2009, 07:46:24 AM »
  After graduation from college, I hadnít practiced Pan Gu Shengong for years. And I had suffered from diseases particularly chronic colitis while the unsuccessful jobs that brought to me during these yeas.

 Until March 2008, I wanted to practice back PGSG, but as a young man in such situation, I couldnít calm down myself. I was troubled with this and wondered how to deal with it. Luckily, I met Olivia online one day, and she told me that Master Ou had held a music concert in Guangzhou. Itís to my shock, how could a Qigong Master created songs?! Then I bought the CDs. I really felt excited and eagerly to listen. But I still controlled myself, and read the lyrics first, then reading them while listening. Gradually, my heart has begun to be peaceful. Later I practiced Pan Gu Shengong again! I come back!!

 Itís a great luck to practice it. At the very beginning, I practiced 3-6 times moving form, but now less times than before. Because, really, itís not easy for the young to practice more, particularly living in this modern city with fast pace and fierce competition. So now I exercise moving form and non-moving form each in the morning, then another time for moving form at night, after that I listen 3-4 songs of Master Ou. I find it more effective than asking myself to have to practice more. Of course, the more you practice, the more energy you absorb with fast effects, but this should be based on your peaceful attitude of mind.

 Since my job is marketing in a famous industrial design company, I have to work early in the morning and leave late at night, even Saturday (only a day off on Saturday at the end of month). Thatís really hard working! At first, I didnít get used to this condition, being tired in the afternoon, almost exhausted when back home. Later, I came out an idea that listening the music of Master about 20 minutes to half an hour at noon for a rest. Until now, I still keep this good habit. I feel more relaxed and energetic after hearing his music. And I advise some of my colleagues who want to have-a-try on the music. They said that they really had felt very comfortable and relaxed that they hadnít had this sensation compared to other music. 

 I really appreciate that Master Ou has created this music, not only leads me to practice Pan Gu Shengong, but enables me to be peaceful and relaxed. His songs are natural, elegant and harmonious, expressing his great love to human beings and nature, while showing his deep sense of understanding of life philosophy after extreme suffering in the past decades. Sometimes, you will feel happy, rejoicing in them with pleasure; sometimes, you would be touched at soul even with tears.

  Maybe some of our fellow members who donít understand the Chinese language will ask: how can I listen, you know, I donít know the meaning of Chinese? Well, this like some of our Chinese people who donít know English, but still enjoy listening to the English songs that they feel nice. Meanwhile, you can read the translated songs firstly, and then listen. So this depends on if you can open your mind and heart to have a try. Music is not boundary, right?

  And I, would like to share with you some of the songs that I often hear with my understanding in future. Let us exchange ideas on Master Ouís music, maybe will bring us some inspirations?
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