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Testimonials from Indonesia (2)
« on: November 17, 2010, 03:21:26 PM »
In Solo, we met Ms. Arle.  She is 53 years old and learned Pan Gu Shengong (PGSG) in 2007.  Before she learned PGSG, she suffered from cervical cancer, serious vertigo, and trouble sleeping.  She felt pain in her whole body and especially more in her right foot.  It was so painful that she usually was not able to walk.  At the beginning, she dubious about PGSG and practiced the form two times a day.  Since she was very eager to recover from her diseases she increased the practice to three or four times a day with the encouragement of other PGSG students.  Her condition sometimes got better, but sometimes it got worse; nevertheless, she still insisted on the practice.   Two months later, her body began to discharge bloody liquid and blood clots.  She began to feel the good result from the practice of PGSG and didnít feel afraid.  A few months later, she found that her symptoms gradually disappeared and the pain in her body also became less.  Her health subsequently returned normal.  Now, she practices the form every day and doesnít dare to be lazy.  She understood that PGSG saved her life; therefore, whenever she meets the people with serious diseases, she really wants to save them.  She usually introduces PGSG to her relatives and the people who need help, confers deeply her benediction on them, and wishes they will recover from their diseases as early as possible.  Her kindness has helped many people.