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Mexico City 2011
« on: July 16, 2011, 09:40:57 AM »
Seminario de aprender Pangu Shengong
México D.F., México 2011
Itinerario de actividades e instrucciones

El Día Domingo 7 de Augusto

1)   Hora: 10:00 hasta las 12:00
Presentación 1  “Los beneficios de Pan Gu Shengong para el cuerpo, mente.”
Instrucción qigong: Forma en movimiento (Qigong)
Precio:   $500 pesos

2)   Hora: 12:00 a 13:00. Descanso, tendremos una hora para el almuerzo.

3)   Hora: 13:00 hasta las 15:00
Presentación 2  “La importancia del balance de la energía para mente y espíritu.”
Instrucción qigong: Forma de no-movimiento (meditación Qigong) Precio:    $500 pesos
•   Prerrequisito : Forma de Movimiento

4)  Curaciones individuales: Tendrá la oportunidad de recibir una curación de 20 minutes. Hora disponible a partir de las 12:00 (medio día), favor de concertar su cita.
Precio: $300 pesos
•   Si usted quiere aprender la forma en movimiento y la forma de no-movimiento exclusivamente, sin la curación, el precio: $900 pesos.
•   Otra opción es tomar el día completa, incluye las presentaciones, instrucción en formas de movimiento y no-movimiento, y una curación, el precio de $1000 pesos.

Para consulta y reservaciones conéctese:
Teléfonos en México: Marcela Torres,  55-55-59-35-57 
O envía un mensaje a Susy Iber:
Para más información de la red:
Dirección:   López Cotilla 1038
Col. Del Valle  C.P. 03100
México D.F.
Qifully, George


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Re: Mexico City 2011
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2011, 04:19:06 PM »
Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the Americas.  The great pyramid complex of Teotihuacán, with its pyramids of the sun and moon, lies just to the north.  Its sacred sites are many, including the famous site of Juan Diego whose vision of the Virgin Mary likely led to saving millions of indigenous peoples from slavery.  In ancient times the valley of Mexico City was a lake, crisscrossed by man-made canals.  Today more than 20 million people live within or around its borders and it is a modern city beset with many problems. 
Fortunately the earth still pours out its energy in the support of its many good people who continue to struggle to make a positive life.     

With this in mind, Susy and I, along with the support of Marcela Torres, brought the first Pangu Shengong course to Mexico City in August 2011.  Marcela’s pregnancy began at about the same time she began Pangu Shengong in February!  We think the Mexico City course was a success.  Twelve individuals began the moving and/or non-moving forms. In addition, there were group and individual healings.  We hope that this course will form the basis of a new center in Mexico and that next year we can arrange for Master Ou to visit to teach more people and to instruct a couple of teachers.  There was also one student in Merida who learned this summer as well.

From our point of view, this is an example Pangu’s best energy.  Every day we can ask Pangu for his best energy, and every day we can experience the beautiful energies of life within us and surrounding us. 

Qifully, George and Susy Iber.
Qifully, George