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I had a wonderful trip to China and Indonesia from April 24 to May 23 with Master Ou. I met a lot of wonderful pgsg students with many touching stories of their practicing of pgsg. I would love to share every single story of them with you.

First of all, I would like to introduce a very cute 7-year-old boy in Macau.

We went to Macau to visit some pgsg students there on the way back to China from Indonesia. Ling was one of them who drove us around the city. On her car, she was happy to tell Master Ou that her son was much healthier and happier since last time he met Master Ou two years ago. He loves Master Ou’s songs and knows very well on how to use them. One day Alan got a fever, Ling was about to bring him to a doctor, but he stopped Ling and said, “There is no need to do so, mommy. I will be fine after I listen to the ‘Pangu Shengong Song’ for a few times.” He did it, one hour later, his fever was gone.

On the second day in Macau, we had lunch at Ling’s tiny small house. We had more than 20 people in total; some were local pgsg students, some from other cities. The tiny living room was barely enough to hold all of us. We, however, didn’t feel crowded, instead, we felt warm and close to each other. Master Ou cooked two dishes for us.

Alan had to go to school on that day, but was allowed to go home during lunch break. When we arrived at his home, it was 12:30 at noon. Alan had been waiting eagerly for Master Ou. Alan excitingly welcomed us into his house. As soon as we set down, he played Master Ou’s music video “My Hometown” skillfully. Guess which song he picked as the first one to play? Bingo! “The Pangu Shengong Song”! As soon as the song started, he stood at the receiving-qi position and sang with the melody—devotedly and happily, he finished the whole song.

Ling told us that Alan spent one hour every day listen to Master Ou’s songs. The songs that he could sing were more than the songs that Ling could sing!

Alan’s grandma has been practicing pgsg for more than 10 years. It was her who introduced pgsg to her daughter Ling and grandson Alan. Several months ago, grandma took a shower immediately after having extreme sport exercises. She felt dizzy and nausea after the shower. She started doing the moving form of pgsg right away. Alan saw it, and said to his grandma: “Let me give you a qi-treatment.” Grandma did not take it seriously, but was willing to let him do it. Alan stood in front of grandma, put his hands on top of grandma’s hands, facing down, moving up and down, reciting password in his mind. A few minutes later, grandma burped loudly and felt completely fine afterward.

What an amazing little pgsg student!
Wish you well-being and happiness!


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Many thanks Olivia for your very nice story from Macau.
It is really amazing.
I regret not to be with our group in Macau but fortunatelly we met a lot of very dedicated students in Indonesia as well.
The wanderful trip, indeed. Some picture from this trip I put here:
Beautiful days for Everybody.


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Thank you so much, Olivia, for sharing this great story of Little Alan.  I was inspired by him, his smart action, and his sincerity. 

After reading Alan’s story last night, I tried to sing and listen to Master Ou’s songs with Alan’s method, “As soon as the song started, he stood at the receiving-qi position and sang with the melody—devotedly and happily, he finished the whole song.”  It was my first time having Master Ou’s music therapy in such a serious qi-receiving mode as Alan.  I played Master Ou’s music video, “Songs Dedicated to Our Great Motherland”, and I sang the songs happily with my true emotion.  After singing each song, I couldn’t help coughing, and I felt the energy working on my respiration system.  Afterwards, I listened to the songs while standing in the qi-receiving mode with both palms up, and then I used my heart to sing along with Master Ou’s singing.  It was very powerful!  Unexpectedly, I started crying and had lots of tears, and then I felt my back and my neck were a lot lighter after that.  I shed tears in the beginning of each song, and then I kept on coughing for a while.  After listening to three songs, the above reactions were all gone.  I felt so much happier and lighter after having Master Ou’s music therapy.  I felt I was healed deep down to my soul!  The experience was really wonderful!  I am very thankful to Alan and Olivia!



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   Thank you for your sharing one story! You know, I just read it in Chinese weeks ago, now lucky to read it again in English : )  It is really touching that Alan has shown his sincere love and devotion with PGSG and music of Master Ou though he is very young. Hopefully, let my heart as pure as his being more on the dedication : )

  Later, it is very strange just now. Really, this might be my first time to tears in my eyes just reading the comment by Jessica! I don't know why, the feelings are sincere sort of touching my soul, and probably while listening the song of Master Ou "What is Love". Thanks Jessica!

  Karel, you are a good photographer :)  How amazing the trip to Indonesia! Kind and friendly our PGSG students from anywhere, happy and harmonious atmosphere, while delicious food as well  ;D  What a great lovely benevolent family!
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