Author Topic: Master Ou's lyrics guide me to cultivate my heart and soul  (Read 5878 times)


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   I feel that I learn a lot from listening and singing Master Ou's songs, especially trying to understand the beautiful lyrics.  
   The lyrics inspired me how to appreciate many beautiful places and real sentiments with respect to their special features, and they helped me develop the ability to know more about beautiful things in this world.  In the opposite, I learned more about negative things and alerted myself to be more kind.  
   The lyrics taught me what I am living for, what is passion, what is true love, and how I should love myself, my family, my friends, other people, the enviroment, etc.  I felt so much more clear about my life values and my life direction.  I realized that my life is more meaningful now.
   The lyrics taught me that the creator, the earth, our parents have given us more than we deserve, and I should learn to appreciate more and be grateful for them other than having complaints all the time.  
   The lyrics are full of the love message from Master Ou and Pan Gu, and they "sweetly moisten and silently penetrate" my heart and soul.  Everytime I read, listen to, sing or even think of the lyrics, I understand more about what is true kindness and what is true love; by comparing to the lyrics, gradually I can tell the negative side of myself, and I learn to criticize my words, actions, and motivations.  I strongly feel that the more I interact with Master Ou's lyrics, the more I know myself and want to conduct myself to be a better person.  
   In summary, Master Ou's lyrics guide me to cultivate my heart and soul and I gradually move on in this path.  I am really thankful for Master Ou and his wonderful lyrics.  
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