Author Topic: Stories about how Animals Respond to Master Ouís Singing  (Read 843 times)


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Stories about how Animals Respond to Master Ouís Singing
« on: November 06, 2010, 09:03:17 PM »
                                                                                                        November 6, 2010
 I would like to share with you the following amazing stories about how animals respond to Master Ouís singing.
On October 21, Master Ou led us to Boston suburbs to see foliage.  We especially went to a lake in Gordon Collegeís campus and saw a lot of trees with colorful fall foliage around it and in the distance.  Facing the natural beauty, Master Ou began to chant his prose ďAppreciating FallĒ.  After he chanted the first three sentences, we saw a group of large Canada geese flying to the lake with happiness and landing on the water.  Later on, an interesting story happened.  When Master Ou was singing his songs one after another, he suddenly told us to look at some geese that were quietly listening to his singing.  There were about 30 geese looked very intoxicated, and none of them made any motion.  Furthermore, we found that when Master moved forward along the path around the lake, two or three of them led the group to swim forward to follow him.  When Master Ou stopped and began to sing his songs, they also stopped and listened to his singing quietly without any movement.   After Master Ou stopped and changed to walk in the opposite direction, they also stopped and turned around to follow Master Ou.  All together, they followed Master Ou for about one hour. 

In July last year, Master Ou led some of his students who were from China to visit the area around the Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco.  There was a lake in front of the Palace of Fine Art.  When Ou was singing his song ďWalk into SpringtimeĒ on the side of the lake, two Canada geese followed the rhythm of his song to move their heads up and down like dancing.  Later on, more than ten wild ducks and a couple of tortoises swam to the place where Master Ou was standing and lifted up their heads to listen to Master Ouís singing.

In March last year, When Master Ou was singing in front of a parrot in a park in Florida, the parrot danced according to the rhythm of his song by opening the wings and flapping the body. 

Two years ago in China, a Pan Gu Shengong student raised hundreds of healthy chickens.  In the past, her chicken often got sick, and she often fed the chicken medicine.  One day, a fantasy came into her mind.  She believed that Master Ouís singing can treat human diseases, and the same thing should help the chicken.  She tried playing Master Ou;s CD album for her chickens.  As a result, her dream came true.  From then on, her chickens no longer get sick, and she didnít need to feed her chicken medicine any more.   Furthermore, the cooked chicken tasted more delicious than before.     
The above stories represent Master Ouís deep love for the great nature.  Animals can feel his great love and receive healing energy by listening to his singing.