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beautiful story
« on: October 16, 2010, 02:46:18 AM »
     Several weeks ago, a relative of Miss Chen felt good after received Miss Chenís healing from distance and learned PanguShenGong immediately.  Unfortunately she could not begin the practicing because she lost her consciousness just after she got the sixth chemotherapy having her abdomen swell up with ascites.  Her family thought she was dying.
     In sush a situation Miss Chen chose to sing Master Ouís songs imaging she and the patient sang together.  In result the patient waked up th next day.  More over the patient became open-minded and energic.  She asked otherone to buy cd player for her quickly and tried her best to practise PGSG.  She got better so quickly that she left hospital several days later.  Now she practise more than ten times to more than thirty times every day.  She can mop now.  Her family was so surprise and said they donít know what is happening.
     Several days ago another relative of Miss Chen was in hospital due to heart crock up.  Miss Chen treat it in the same way.  Again the patient got better quickly and the patientís family felt better too.
     So there are some relatives of Miss Chen are asking for practising PGSG.
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Re: beautiful story
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  Good result! We are always inspired with any miracle story through practicing PGSG! Hopefully to hear you more in future, welcome!
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