Author Topic: Ancient Ngahyin Chinese Chanting And Me---Richard  (Read 812 times)


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Ancient Ngahyin Chinese Chanting And Me---Richard
« on: January 25, 2011, 01:18:28 AM »
   Ancient Ngahyin Chinese Chanting, is really inspiring me! I have never heard such highly elegant reciting and chanting, but Master Ou performs us how the elegance brings us peace on our body and soul, while culture cultivation.

  Basically, I stand like receiving qi, closing my eyes and listening by heart, I can feel something different. When Master Ou chanting the ancient poetry, as if I were coming back to the ancient Chinese life, seeing the poets enjoying the poems or expressing their sentiments. Master performs the life and charm, the wisdom and personalities of the poets in precise way.

  When listening his own poetry and lyrics reciting and chanting, there is various sensation: the agony, encouraging, happiness with his deep sentiments for life, a great praise for nature. You can feel how difficult Master Ou creating Pangu Culture in his path of life, but still holding the highly attitude of loving human beings, seeking the truth for us, helping people make it through the day, gaining truly health and happiness.

  I can feel the strong energy both my hands, later my heart like a living magnetic that attracts, particularly as I imitate him to recite and chant, the stronger qi that fills in my heart and soul, while in the center of my top head a few times, that feeling I have never experienced before.

  Thank you Master Ou, you bring me the new way for joy and pleasant, while culture cultivation, inspires me loving chanting poetry!
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