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Chant for healing
« on: January 07, 2012, 12:27:12 AM »

  One day of September, 2011, a colleague of mine suddenly felt itching on the right top of her face. She used medicinal liquid to water it, but not effective. So she turned to me for a help, because she knew that I practiced Pangu Shengong. As we are knowing each other for a while, basically I stand behind the patient for healing through PGSG, but this time I changed the way, using chanting for healing.

  First, I told her to recited the maxism of PGSG three times, later asked her to close eyes and be relaxed. I sat in the chair faced to her, the distance interval about 30cm. I began to chant the poetry "Harmony of Heaven, Earth, and Human" (you may listen the NO.8 of CD Chanting 1) written by Master Ou. After nearly ten minutes, I asked her the feeling. She sensed better on the face, what's more, there is a qi circling around her stomach, that confused her. I tried to explain the theory of PGSG and Ou's Healing Music including the chanting. She seemed to be amazed with these great things though still could not understand why the qi flowed inside her stomach. I supposed there might be a problem on her stomach, but not telling this to her. Because I wanted to prove it. Things like what I thought, particularly these weeks, I found that she always burps after lunch, and sometimes the sound is too loud.

   How amazing Master Ou's Ngahyin Music! We can ulitize chanting for healing, while I deeply realize that PGSG has a function of automatically adusting the body and soul.
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