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My Experience of Pangu Shengong---Huang Yanfang
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:06:02 AM »

   In 1997, there were lots of unfortunate affairs occurred in my family. My husband had been weak on health since he was a child. He often had symptoms of diarrhea, catch-a-cold, and serious immune system; later the heart premature beat, myocarditis, depression, phobia. As for me, I suffered neuritis, headache, rhinitis, pharyngitis, back pain, and asthma. I usually gapped wakefully in the mid-night. Words can not express the pain all over my body though I just was in thirties. And I became very irritable and unreasonable with something. It was very bad relationship between my mother-in-law and I. We usually quarreled even just something tiny.

  However, everything changed until I met my aunt. She shared with us her amazing story. Her hands were very painful that were not able to lift up. Later she lived in hospital because the heart attached. After leaving hospital, my aunt learned Pangu Shengong and kept practicing daily. After three months, this qigong had fully cured her heart disease. Well, is it so mystical??  

   Seeing this miracle, my husband learned PGSG in October 1998. Two months later, great changes happened to him positively. Therefore, I also registered as a member of Pangu Shengong. During practicing, I consistently read books of Master Ou "The Path of Life", "Farewell, My Soul", and monthly magazine "The Flower of Kindness and Beauty" etc. These readings inspire me how to conduct myself. Gradually, I become peaceful and tolerant, even actively calling my mother-in-law "Mom" (In China, when you marry, you may call each other's mother "Mom"), and apologized to her for the mistakes I made. Meanwhile, I instructed her to practicing PGSG. If I had not met Pangu Culture and instructed by Master Ou, I would never have called her Mom even until my death.

   My mother-in-law is 75 years old now. Before practicing PGSG, she had symptoms of rhinitis, sore throat, constipation, skin allergies all over the body, the elderly degenerative knee lesions. She felt so painful on the knee that unable to walk. She asked for doctors and searched for any medication in the hope of healing, but there was in vain on the effect. Nevertheless, almost her sicknesses has been cured gradually since practiced PGSG. Now she laughs every day with great appreciation:" Thank you, Pangu! Thank you, Master Ou!" At the same time, she actively introduces Pangu Shengong to more relatives, lead them to learn Pangu Culture, to feel and comprehensive the great profound love from Pangu through listening to Ou's Music.

  During practicing, I become more peaceful and peaceful. The pain and diseases had disappeared unconsciously. One occasion, there was healing qi adjusting my body that caused me coughed greatly, and I could not sleep. Therefore, I got up to practice. Until the next day the sun came out, I still coughed. So I decided to live in hospital (previously, I had lived in hospital once the asthma occurred). When I arrived in hospital, there was not any sick-bed for me. I intended to see a famous doctor. During the queuing, I saw a young girl, and asked her whether she would see a doctor because of asthma. She replied "not", but helped her mother carry some medicine. I said "if your mother suffers serious asthma, what about trying a qigong named Pangu Shengong?" The moment I just spoke out, I breathed through suddenly. In my turn to see a doctor, the expert listened my lung with a device, and said that was not serious neither lived in hospital, later prescripted some medication for me. That cost me RMB 15. But I did not take the medicine, just practiced for much times. Since then, I have never breathed so hard. What a miracle!  

  In recent years, Master Ou promotes his Healing Music, my asthma has been fully cured. As my husband, he becomes more healthy that PGSG has healed his diseases basically except the depression not completely cured. Now we couple try our best to instruct new members to learn Pangu Shengong. While healing patients through PGSG, we encourage them to practice diligently, listen to Ou's Music, read books of Master Ou so as to comprehensive well about the theory of Pangu and conducting in daily life, to improve the quality of soul while eliminate the evil of heart. You would feel comfortable when you have good relationships with your family members based on tolerance without quarrel. It is good to treat people with tolerance and forbearance instead of hatred and battle. Benevolence and love are the effective ways to eliminate the gaps. Let our every intention and every behavior be open under the sunlight. Only without regret at heart, there is harvest after cultivation. Wishing all human beings benevolence and kindness, frankness and friendliness, health and happiness! Here, on behalf of three generations, I would like to thank Pangu Culture, thank you Master Ou! We are willing to follow this benevolent and loving Big Family forever!

      Huang Yanfang
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