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The eyes have it
« on: June 11, 2012, 06:46:37 AM »
Here is a little something you might find interesting. The director of the Physician Assistant program at NSU and I were talking about the need for the incorporation of CAM into their program when the discussion refocused to the brain. The director asked me to touch my eye, which I did, eyelid closed, and he said, “There now, you have just touched your brain.” He continued to explain, that unlike all the other sense organs, the eyes are in fact a direct modification of the brain, not unlike the upper spinal column.  He then moved his hands into the “golden chrysanthemum” position to explain visually how the eye nerve is an outgrowth of the brain! There he was with his cupped hands in from of me explaining the features of the eye.  It occurred to me that this is not a commonly known fact; that the eye is really a direct brain nerve.  It brings new insight to statements like, “ the eyes are the windows to the soul.” It also leads me to think about our various visualizations and forms, how Master Ou, and others, use the eyes as a focus area.  In a very direct way, therefore, we are stimulation the brain with the energies of the sun and moon.  The next time you gently close your eyes preparing to practice qigong, you might see things differently!
Qifully, George