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I havenít taken medicine for more than eight years
« on: June 06, 2009, 01:33:11 AM »
    My immunity was weak since I was a little kid.  I caught a cold and a fever very often.  I remembered I was on my fatherís back to see a doctor and when I was in elementary school, the 2nd grade, my mother often came to my classroom and picked me up to see a doctor.  I could never forget how embarrassed I was when my teacher asked me to tell my mom not to visit class so often, as she and other students were distracted.   I didnít want my mom to come and pick me up too.  However, I had no choice.  I caught a cold so easily and my mom had to take me to see a doctor.  I was hoping that I wouldnít get sick so frequently. 

    When I was a teenager, I didnít get sick as frequently as before and I was very happy about that.  But when I had a cold, I had to suffer at least two weeks of stuffy nose even though I was in medicine.  And then I needed to take at least one more week to totally recover from it.  If I didnít take good care of myself within this recovering week, then I would easily run into another cold.  When I was in early twenties, this situation got worse.  After catching a cold, I got another.  I almost had a cold every month.  I seemed to get used to it and didnít seem to be able to get rid of it easily with medicine. 
The worse thing was that later on I had allergy and hay fever along with a cold in the spring season, which I had never had before.  Sometimes I couldnít even tell I had a cold, an allergy or a hay fever.  I suffered a great deal.  All flowers became my enemy which I couldnít get any closer to.  I reacted to fragrance, dust, small particles, etc.  My eyes, nose, forehead, and throat felt itchy and painful.  I sneezed all the time, and sometimes I had a headache.  I had to stay inside and tried to reduce the chances to get in touch with plants, animals and even fresh air.  My night time was more miserable.  I couldnít sleep well as I felt that I totally couldnít breathe when lying down on my bed.  It took me hours to get into the sleep mode.  But when I woke up, I found my mouth was open.  I was breathing through my mouth!  This situation continued even I had medicine for my allergy.  Then I tried to increase doses and tried other brands of allergy pills.  I felt better with my nose; however, the medicine affected my digestion system and excretory system.  I was truly frustrated. 

    One night, when I completely couldnít take a breath with my nose, like a dying person, I decided to stand up and practice Pan Gu Shengong, which I had learned a long time ago but didnít keep on practicing.  I thought that I couldnít sleep anyway and why I wasted time lying on my bed and being bored.  As soon as I recited the password, I couldnít help sneezing.  I felt good.   I sneezed very frequently during the whole practice, and I used up about 40 pieces of tissue.  To my surprised, I felt so much better and I could use my nose to breath.  I practiced the second time.   Again I kept on sneezing, and the more I sneezed the better I felt.  I used up another 30 plus pieces of tissue.  After practicing Pan Gu Shengong twice, I could breathe when I lay down and then I went into sleep in no time.   Pan Gu Shengong save me!  It worked so much faster and better than all those allergy pills!  All of the sudden, I realized that Pan Gu was so kind to me and he never gave up on me even though I didnít respect him as much as he deserved.  He was always there for me when I needed his help.  I regretted that I should have practiced Pan Gu Shengong since I had learned it in my teenage.  If so, I didnít need to suffer so much.  I knew that it worked but why I was so lazy.  From then on, I kept on practicing Pan Gu Shengong everyday.  I continued sneezing during the practice but it reduced as I practiced more.  I felt very good every time so I practiced more often.  I tried to practice a few times a day until I felt pleasant and easy with breathing.   After doing the moving form practice four to six times a day for about one and half month, without taking any medicine at all, I found that my allergy was gone.  I almost couldnít believe it.  I tested my nose reaction under several circumferences.  I smelled fragrance, I cut grasses, I kissed flowers, I vacuumed, I went to parks and shopping malls for hoursÖ  I didnít sneeze and didnít feel itchy at all.  My allergy was truly healed!

    From then on, whenever I didnít feel well or got sick, I practiced Pan Gu Shengong more often.  I read Flowers of Beauty and Kindness, and I learned that I could get rid of all kinds of diseases without taking any medicine.  So I tried not to take any medicine when I caught a cold as well.  In the beginning I had to suffer as it didnít go away as quickly as I wanted.  Sometimes when I had flu, I chose to take medicine to have it in control immediately.  In 1998, I had a chance to see Master Ou, and I asked him why my cold couldnít be healed completely with practicing Pan Gu Shengong as the book said.  He smiled and he told me that I would gradually achieve that.  I was in doubt, and I was thinking whether it would be realized someday in the future. 

    I should never question what Master Ou said because what he said did come true.  After our meeting in 1998, I never stopped practicing Pan Gu Shengong for even one day.  I practiced more often and I tried to practice as many times as I felt I needed to be relieved from a disease.  When I got a cold, I continued practicing until the syndrome was gone.  Actually my feeling was often the best indicator and I practiced until I felt good everyday.  If four times a day was not enough to make the cold go away, I practiced more.  I became more confident with Pan Gu Shengong and I could recover from illnesses in a shorter time than before.  I also found my energy was stronger as well. 

    Since 2000, I completely stopped taking medicines and I didnít save any pills at my home.  Whenever I was about to get sick, I could feel it.  I increased the number of times in practicing and most likely I didnít get sick because my immunity improved before that happened.  If I was too busy to take care of myself, I got sick at times.  In 2004, I started to teach full time in a high school.  As a first year teacher, I only caught a cold for the whole year and it was because I was extremely busy in early November.  Since 2004, I only caught a cold from zero to twice in a year.  And it took me only a couple days to recover.  I am no longer tortured by having a bad cold.  I understand that my immunity improves and replenishes everyday with doing Pan Gu Shengong practice.  I can stay healthy because Pan Gu Shengong helps me get rid of negative energy and toxins.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank Pan Gu Shengong and Master Ou who granted me such a wonderful Qigong technique and such a wonderful life.  Thank you so much for everything! 


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Re: I havenít taken medicine for more than eight years
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2009, 10:06:24 AM »
Thats awesome! I am honored and priveleged to be a part of such a unique and effective movement of qi and spirituality. In the past I have suffered from allergies, sinuses and anxiety, and I do take some medicine for anxiety so I look forward to the experience that Pangu Shengong will have within these three dimensions!
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