Author Topic: After singing highly for three hours, my fever was gone immediately! --By Heqx  (Read 1173 times)


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The following post was written by Heqx on June 6, 2009 in the Chinese forum.  I translated it below:

"Yesterday I felt uncomfortable when I woke up.  At noon time I measured my body temperature which was 37.8 Celsius.  As my body temperature tended to increase, I doubted that I had H1N1.  I immediately played the two DVDs of Master Ou’s songs, named as “Songs Dedicated to Our Great Motherland” and “My Hometown”.  While I watched his singing, I also followed to sing.  I sang highly with my passion and I put a cup of water next to the TV.  I drank a lot of water which was filled with Master Ou’s singing and message.  After singing for three hours, my fever was gone immediately.  My body temperature went back to normal.  Then I practiced Pan Gu Shengong.  My body no longer had any uncomfortable feelings and I truly felt the great energy and power of Master Ou’s singing."
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