Author Topic: Back-pain was gone during the process of learning Pan Gu Shengong  (Read 1255 times)


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Today (April 9th) I saw a miracle happened again.

There were two female Pilipino who visited Pan Gu Shengong office in downtown San Francisco at 12:30pm.  They arrived half an hour earlier than their appointment time.  Instead of asking Master Ou to teach them Pan Gu Shengong immediately, they waited with good patience.   While they were waiting, they politely asked me how Pan Gu Shengong was created and why it could heal diseases. 
One lady named Norma, a caregiver, had several kinds of diseases, and her back pain bothered her a lot for a long period of time.  She asked Master Ou to give her a healing and then she learned Pan Gu Shengong from him.  While Master Ou taught her the moving form, she paid very good attention and she closely followed his demonstration to practice.  She also asked Master Ou whether she could keep her eyes open in order to see his movements during the practice.  After the practice, Master Ou praised them that they practiced very attentively and they seemed to be very calm and relaxing in the process.  He also encouraged them to maintain this kind of state in the future practice of Pan Gu Shengong, then they would achieve very good result.

After Norma expressed her gratitude to Master Ou and got ready to walk back to the reception room, all of the sudden she felt the change of her body.  She was very surprised yet very happy, and she kept on saying “my back-pain was gone!”  She repeated it again and again.  What a miracle that her back-pain disappeared just in the process of learning Pan Gu Shengong!  It was so wonderful and so fortunate!  She thanked Master Ou again and she was really grateful for Pan Gu Shengong’s extraordinary healing power. 
Once again when I saw such a miracle happened to a new Pan Gu Shengong student, I was once again moved by Pan Gu’s unconditional love and generous giving to us.