Author Topic: Sleeping very well after receiving energy healing.  (Read 1442 times)


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Sleeping very well after receiving energy healing.
« on: June 29, 2009, 11:02:19 AM »
Over the weekend, another PGSG student has benefited from PanGu.

About two weeks ago I went to my cousin's for a BBQ.  I mentioned about PanGu ShenGong while my cousin and her BF(Al) were talking about his neighbor suffering from MS.  Al was mildly interesting in PGSG and my cousin suggested that I give him a session of energy healing for him to feel the energy.  After about 15 minutes of energy healing, Al told me he feels very relax and that he can feel electric pulses all over his body.  I then touched on some of the topics about PGSG, e.g. why he feels relax, how PGSG works on his body, and where the energy is coming from.  He said he would definitely talk to his neighbor about PSGS as his neighbor will be selling his house since he will soon be unable to take care of himself as his muscles are "shrinking".  Before I left, I suggested to Al that maybe he might consider learning PGSG himself too.  After about two days later, my cousin emailed me and told me that Al will learn PGSG as soon as he is back from the North.   I also sent them the link to the PGSG site.

When I walked into his house, he told me that he is very amazed at some of the testimonies heís read.  He said itís hard to believe.  Before we started, I explained to them why and how PanGu ShenGong can treat illnesses(mainly gather all the energy from the sun, the moon, and the universe thatís best suited for each individualís needs)  and the relationship between men and nature.  He was very interested and had a lot of questions.    He said he was up at 6AM the other day, and after I gave him energy healing, he did a lot of things around the house and didnít feel tired at all.   He said he usually have difficulty sleeping, but he slept very well that night. 

I then taught him and my brother-in-law the movements of the form.  I led them through the first level of the form and stopped and asked if they are ready to practice the whole form.  He told me he feels electric pulses again and that his body started to relax shortly after we started. 

After we finished practicing the whole form and gave him another 10 minutes of energy healing, the word that he kept repeating was ďWow, Wow!.Ē  He said he believes PGSG can treat all the disease mentioned from the testimonies now.  He also said the electric pulse all over his body are a lot stronger than when I first gave him the energy healing.  He said his sinus has also cleared up.   He was also very eager and enthusiastic to described to the group about the feeling of electric pulse in his body.

When it comes down to paying, he said the price was very reasonable and ďcheapĒ.  He said itís a life time benefit that people are getting! 
He also purchased the healing CD as well.

I am very happy to see how receptive Al is to PGSG.  At the same time, the amount of energy he received from the first 5 minutes of learning PGSG demonstrates how power Pan Guís energy and love is!  I left his house thanking Pan Gu and Master Ou for giving me the opportunity to teach PGSG.  I also realize it is very important to read Master Ouís lecture materials as we cannot attend all of his lectures.  His lecture materials strengthen my understanding of PGSG and itís principles to pass on to new PGSG students.


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Re: Sleeping very well after receiving energy healing.
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2009, 10:43:57 PM »
    Thank you so much for sharing how you guided Al to learn Pan Gu Shengong.  I learn a lot from your teaching experience.  

    I like how you introduced Pan Gu Shengong to Al by giving one-on-one energy healing, teaching PGSG theories, linking with PGSG website, giving step-by-step demonstration and checking for understandings.  Al was definitely motivated and receptive to PGSG, and his understanding and sensation were terrific!  

    As Al believes, Pan Gu Shengong is truly powerful and it can heal any kinds of diseases!  Just like what he said, Pan Gu Shengong's tuition fee is so very low comparing to its magical healing power!!!  "It is a life time benefit that people are getting!"  We paid only one-hundred-dollar tuition fee, but we can practice Pan Gu Shengong everyday for the rest of our life and gain very good health.  $100 can give us a good health for the rest of our life!!!  "The price was reasonable and 'cheap' "!  It illustrates that Pan Gu and Master Ou are so very kind to us.  We are very fortunate to be PGSG students, and we should be very thankful to them and learn from their true kindness and true love.  

    I agree with you that the better we comprehend Master Ou's teaching, the better we can pass the message to new PGSG students.  It is important for us to read Master Ou's books and lecture materials!  Thank you for reminding me!   ;)
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