Author Topic: A recent experience while doing the Non-Moving form  (Read 3126 times)


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A recent experience while doing the Non-Moving form
« on: February 21, 2010, 01:44:00 AM »
Hi Everyone

Iíd like to share an experience I had on Friday 19th February while doing the non-moving form. I havenít experienced anything quite like this before and havenít since. I would also be interested to hear if anyone has had similar experiences.

Recently I started a new job which entails travelling to and from London by train each day and I pass the time by practising the non-moving form on the journey.

On this particular Friday morning it was a grey cloudy overcast day with frequent showers when I boarded the train, found a seat and after making myself comfortable started to do the non-moving form. I was a little way into the form counting rotations of the sun when to my surprise it became a vivid golden red colour, the kind of sun one normally sees at sunrise or sunset on a clear day. This sunrise/sunset then became part of an ocean scene with silhouetted sailing boats moving around on a sparkling sea in the distance. I appeared to be watching this scene through the train window, although the train carriage had transformed into a bright white affair with large windows almost taking up the entire side of the train. The train itself seemed to be following a cliff top route running along the ocean edge. I hadnít gone to sleep, I was wide awake and the colours were vivid; the whole vision lasting about five seconds at the most after which I was back doing the form and hadnít lost the count. I decided to finish the form before thinking anymore about what had just happened. Later that day whenever I thought about the scene I experienced some of the feelings associated with it, the warm sun on my face and so on, all of which helped brighten up my day.

Anyone experience anything similar while doing the non-moving form?


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Re: A recent experience while doing the Non-Moving form
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2010, 02:03:42 PM »
Hi Robert,
That was quite an experience, remarkable.  It is hard to put a value on an expereince like that.  The non-moving form is full of surprises.  When Master Ou was in Florida he was leading us in a visualization during which I went into a "semi-dream."  In that dream, I was sitting in the room with all the other course participants and I "saw" Master Ou get up from the front table, come around to the back of the room and talk briefly to those of us sitting in the rear of the room who were "sleeping."  He was speaking in English too!  So what to make of these experiences? They seem to be mystical moments that infuse our awareness with unique and divine experiences.  Compared with all the other travelers on that train, you certainly had the front row seat!
Qifully, George


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Re: A recent experience while doing the Non-Moving form
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2011, 07:45:50 AM »
Something similar to Robert's experience was the first time I taught someone the Moving Form and gave them the initiation qi, I saw some mountains and flags with Chinese characters for a very brief time, a matter of seconds, although I could not recognize which particular characters they were.

When I used to do the Non-moving Form when driving my car (haven't driven in years now), I preferred not to do the counting, so I just recited the passwords and simultaneously did both visualizations of the sun and the moon rotating in opposite directions. I found it very relaxing. In my experience, PGSG is very flexible that way, and the Non-moving Form does things for me that the other two forms never did, especially in terms of real-time correction of qi blockages and similar problems. I feel specific problems being corrected while I was doing the form.

My speculation about Saber's experience is that what he relayed actually happened. I think Teacher Ou was talking directly to an aspect of those students' person, although I don't know exactly what to call that aspect. Their spirit, perhaps? Again I speculate, that it's a part of you that is most accessible during brain activity between waking and deep sleep when your brain waves are in the alpha state. I think I have utilized that aspect of a person when doing qi healing, although I did not have any direct, verbal communication of any kind. Certainly makes me curious about getting training on how to do that.  :)